6 Tips To Find The Right Headwear For Women With Large Head Sizes.

Headwear For Women

Headwears fill many needs. It safeguards your head from the sun and downpour, keeps your hair from being exposed while working in the food industry, and offers protection from harmful substances when working in hazardous facilities.

They are worn in numerous stylized practices to communicate a thing and hoist your design style. Not all headwears are something similar. Each cap style completes a specific character, design type, and face shape. 

What is largely overwhelming with purchasing a cap is that relatively few stores collect all sizes, and as a rule, most hat brands have a one-size tag.

As a woman with large head size, it can become a hassle to find the right headwear style for an occasion that fits accurately. In this article, you will learn tips on picking the fitting cap for your head size. 

Measure Your Head Size

As stated earlier, not all caps are similar, and hats come in different sizes. A specific cap may be an ideal fit for other people yet probably won’t be the right one for you. Note that the “one size fits all” quote is often a fluke. 

The average circumference of headwear for women ranges from 20.47 to 22.83 inches. Women with larger heads wear 22.8 to 23.6 inches, and those with extra-large heads wear 23.6 to 24.4 inches. 

To guarantee that the headwear you are looking at fits well on you, The best information you can have is your head size. You can utilize a measuring tape to measure your head circumference.

To measure the circumference of your head, use a sewing measuring tape or a string. Fold it around the head about an inch over the ears and across your eyebrows. If it is not a lot of trouble, stick your finger under the tape, so there is a little room and take your recordings.

Choose the appropriate headwear size that is most fit. If your head circumference falls between measurements, go for the bigger size.

Buy Handmade Headwears

Nothing can be made more convenient, comfortable, or fit than a headwear customized for you. No matter how huge your head is, or regardless of whether it has a lopsided or irregular shape, a headwear specially made for you will constantly fit flawlessly. 

In addition to getting the right size to wear, you can always pick your desired style and the material you prefer. Also,  you can choose a color to beautifully match your outfit, tradition, mood, or occasion you are buying the headwear for.

Try Different Headwear Styles


No matter what your head size is, different headwear design styles can, in any case, look great on you. There is no unequivocal decision that expresses out loud whatever you would be able and can’t wear. 

All things considered, go ahead and try different headwear styles. For example, you can play around with hats like baseball hats, Madewell, pageboy hats, bucket caps, fedora caps, Kangol caps, hat attack, and many more you can access.

Nowadays, headwear can be made larger, so they don’t appear excessively tight when you wear them. As a result, you would have no reasons to conceal your head or be conscious of it. Continue to try different cap design styles and shapes to assist you with finding one that suits your style inclination and identity.

If it is achievable, it is likewise smart to wear it first when you visit stores before paying for it. This allows you to observe how the cap will look on you and how agreeable it will feel wearing it. Like that, you can evaluate if the cap is suitable for you.

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Buy Headwears With Stretchy Bands

The interior band of a headwear typically gives its shape and design as it ensures a suitable fit for the user. People with big heads are often conscious about it and prefer to hide it.

 In light of that, a headwear with a fixed or fitted internal band probably won’t be the best option for folks with huge heads. Wearing this sort of cap can feel right, lack flexibility, and maybe awkward. On the other hand, stretchy material adjusts with the mold of your head and may hide irregular bends.

Wearing a headgear that stretches, yet is stylish could be an ideal answer for you. Beanie is a good headwear with stretchy bands, and it comes in different materials such as cotton, nylon, acrylic, kevlar, rayon, etc.

Look Out For Wide-brimmed Hats

Headwears with wide edges are suggested for individuals with large heads. These caps provide an illusion to people with big heads that their heads are small (which actually appear to be so). 

Wide-brimmed hats remove the look of forceful fitting that most people with big heads usually portray. Examples of such caps are sun caps, cowboy caps, fedora, and top hats.

Face Shape

Ensuring the hat aligns with your facial features and shape is another great way to guarantee you wear the hat right for you. This is dependent on the fact that when you wear a cap, it appears there is an additional volume on your head. As a result, the right headwear significantly modifies the shape of your head size.

All things considered, ponder wearing a cap that compliments your face shape as much as your head size.

Buying The Right Headwear Size


Besides solace and commonsense reasons, wearing a cap can be a brilliant method for communicating your uniqueness, imagination, and character. Also, it very well may be an extraordinary method for tidying up your general outfit.

However, picking the right headwear that accommodates your head size impeccably can be confusing and challenging. The tips given in this article will help you choose the correct size and style for your large head. 

As a whole, choose your hat based on the occasion, location, and mood. Know your head size, face shape, and try as many styles as you can to select the very right one for you.

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