6 Trending Video Games for PS5 in 2022


PlayStation 5 is known for its huge game library and the variety of titles that it offers. Out of literally hundreds of titles both exclusive and third-party, sometimes it becomes hard to just pick one game.

This article is about some of the best PS5 games that people are playing the most. This list of games will help you find your next favorite game to play and have so much fun.

Here are some trending PS5 games for your play in 2022

  1. Elden Ring

This RPG came out in February 2022 and instantly garnered the attention of so many gamers. The games involve exploration, boss battles, and imagery full of mystery and awe.

The game has a unique and fascinating combat style and easy controls to initiate combos and special techniques. There is a consistent plot, cool character designs, neat outfits, etc. that enhance the gaming experience manifolds. Elden ring stands out for its visuals and background soundtracks that make the game an absolute gem.

  1. Returnal

This next-generation game is a third-person shooter where the players get to kill vicious enemies. The game uses a high-end dual sense feature to make the experience more realistic and fun.

While playing the game you get to reap the full benefits of Sony’s new controllers. You can change the shooting style and intensity just by increasing or decreasing the pressure on the buttons. Returnal just like poe ninja comes with great graphics and sick weapons that make it worth your time.          

  1. Horizon Forbidden West

This adventure Role-Playing game is a real delight when it comes to gameplay and amazing visuals. Following a great storyline, the game takes you on an immersive journey where you get to fight and kill blood-thirsty creatures and reveal many plot elements along the way.

The game came out in Feb 2022 and fans of Guerilla Games instantly loved it for its attention to detail and amazing characters. The game’s visuals are so picturesque and realistic that you cannot help but admire the work that has been put in to make the game so amazing.

  1. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

This game was developed by Insomniac Games which stands alone when it comes to making shooter/adventure games. The main features of this game are its easy controls, fun-looking characters, simple gameplay, and a very wide range of mods to choose from.

The game is not so large in size which leads to less load time. The game has so many cool quests, missions, and battles for you to indulge in and no matter how many times you play, you find something new and fun. This colorful and exciting game uses references from various other games such as Returnal, poe uber labs, etc., and adds extra flavor to these.

  1. Tales of Arise

Released in September 2021, this game uses real-time action and gives a smooth combat experience. The players can hang out with other characters and explore this amazing world. The plot of this game is another reason why so many gamers love it. It is both interesting as well as emotional.

There is an in-game chat feature, special skills of each character, and its visuals are extremely aesthetic. The game is really a whole package in terms of gameplay, storyline, and graphics.

  1. Control: Ultimate Edition

This game stands out for its cool action and the use of telekinesis in the fighting.  Its gameplay is so great that it was nominated for several awards back in 2019.

This shooting game will give you so much to enjoy i.e., mazing quests, cool characters, best outfits, and a gameplay that is both simple as well as addictive. This game comes with insane visuals, and its weapons library is really fascinating.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best PlayStation 5 games that you need to check out as soon as possible. Most of these games have been rated the best by both fans as well as gaming critics. We are certain that you will instantly fall in love with these titles if you game them a try.

We really hope this information helps in your search for the best PS5 games to play and wish you the very best.

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