6 Ways You Can Help Charity Without Giving Cash

Ways You Can Help Charity

There are various ways you can help charity without donating your money. So, if you want to offer assistance for a good cause, you don’t have to worry about digging deep into your pockets.

The following are multiple ways you can help others – all it takes is a willing heart.

1. Donate Blood

If you are healthy, you can donate Blood, whereby women can do so once every three months and men, on the other hand, after every four months. Browse the internet to locate the nearest donor centres and book an appointment. The whole process requires a maximum of 15 minutes, so you can do it during your lunch break or spare some time and complete the exercise.

You can also donate platelets if you like, which is a great way to help patients who have had organ transplants or anyone receiving chemotherapy. It may take a bit longer to do this – about one to two hours – and you can do it almost 15 times annually.

2. Design and Make Stuff

Although you may have to buy material to make things, meaning it won’t be free for you, charities often allow you to give homemade items like clothing, toys, and more. There are two ways to go about this: you can sell the items and donate the money you get, or donate the items directly to the charity.

It’s an exciting way to help others and lets you get creative.

3. Be a Volunteer

Charities usually need a helping hand in their day-to-day activities. You can apply your skills, for instance, IT, to help them solve some challenges. All it takes is a quick online search, and you will find out the skills needed. Start by thinking about the amount of time you have to offer and your level of expertise, then search for charities you’d fit in. You may find that this leads to a new career and there are many education support worker jobs in the UK.

4. Help your Neighbour

Can you think of a neighbour who needs some of your help? It could be an elderly lady who lives all by herself or someone who happens to be unwell. Help them clean their compound or do their laundry; that could mean the world to them. If they can’t travel large distances, you can offer to go to the market and buy them things they need. Age UK is a platform that connects you with such people.

5. Take Stuff You Don’t Need to a Charity Shop

Another way you can give to charity without spending money is by donating things you own but no longer use. Clean the items you need to give away and take them to the nearest charity shop. There’s no need to let such things sit in the house and collect dust while someone else can use them. Don’t have old clothes you can give them? Never mind. You can donate items like furniture and computers, provided they are in good condition for someone to use them.

You may come across Gift Aid forms when donating your Stuff. How does it work? Fill out the form, and the charity may claim 25p per £1 your items fetch.

6. Spread Awareness

Perhaps you don’t have the money to give to charity, but there could be someone else out there who can offer financial help. Spread Awareness on any charity you feel passionate about.

You can do this in various ways, from using your social media pages to posting on your blog. Other methods include participating in a sporting activity like a marathon or asking your friends to contribute whatever they can to help.

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