7 Dpo: What You Need To Know About Being Pregnant


Are you someone who is wondering whether or not it is possible to experience symptoms of pregnancy as 7 days past ovulation? Well, there is no denying that it is possible to come across some tiny changes just when you are tested pregnant. You may not know that you are pregnant, but after 7dpo, you might not feel great. What could be the reason behind the same? Chances are the hormones present inside your body are changing because a fertilized egg could have been implanted. With that said, let us find out what all can you expect during seven days past ovulation.

What to expect at seven days past ovulation

For a number of women, it is easy to assume that they are pregnant if they have missed their periods. If you are someone who already has a baby you know what all to expect, but if you are a soon-to-be mother, it is easy to assume that 7dpo symptoms are related to something different? Therefore, at this point of time what is exactly happening to your body?

This is the time when the ovaries in the body have released an egg. The same eff has been fertilized by the sperm. Now that egg that has been fertilized has evolved from one tiny cell to numerous ones. These numerous cells are known as blastocyst. It is basically the blastocyst that furthers becomes an embryo, and finally the fetus. Now during this period, all the cells are divided from each other, and travel through the fallopian tube. What happens is the blastocyst implants inside the uterus as a result. This is how a human body gets ready for pregnancy every single month, and one may notice changes in the hormone throughout the course of pregnancy. With that, let us now determine the indications of 7dpo pregnancy.

Pregnancy indications 7dpo bfp

Even though it is not the right time to get a big fat positive when it comes to a pregnancy test, there are a number of early indications that say one might be pregnant. Below are some of them you can come across at 7dpi.

  • Bleeding and cramps: At 7dpo, there are women who go through painful cramps even before the periods begin. If the blastocyst cells have been implanted inside the uterus, you will notice that the color of menstrual blood will be very different. Some spotting of brown or pink color will be seen for the next three to four days. Now, this is an indication of implantation bleeding.
  • Mood Swings: Changes in the mood can be very much the same as those of PMS. Henceforth, there may be times when it is difficult to find out if these symptoms are an indication of pregnancy or periods. But if you do not experience PMS, then there is a possibility that it is an indication for pregnancy.

This is what you need to know about 7dpo. If you also want to collect information about 11dpo, speak with a doctor now. They are experts who will let you know everything about pregnancy and what all is related to it.

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