7 Easy Tips To Find A Competent Divorce Lawyer In Boston

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Massachusetts is one of the states that allow for no-fault divorces. If you and your spouse agree on important aspects and agree to end the marriage, getting a no-fault and uncontested divorce should be easy. On the contrary, the divorce can drag longer if the parties don’t agree on things like child custody, distribution of assets, and child support. If you are looking for Boston, MA divorce lawyers, we have seven tips for your help.

  1. Consider your requirements. A lawyer can don many hats for their client during the divorce process. However, you need to identify the concerns that you need help with. For instance, if yours is a high net-worth divorce, you need an attorney who specializes in such cases.
  2. Make a list. Your divorce is a sensitive matter, and you need someone reliable and trustworthy. Your best bet is to ask around and find lawyers that others have worked with. Google can also help you sort a few options.
  3. Consider the response. Did you have a hard time talking to the divorce lawyer? Did you get a prompt response from their office? Was the lawyer attentive and ready to answer your questions? The first meeting with an attorney could be a critical point.
  4. Discuss the lawyer’s experience. As a client, you need someone who has worked on similar divorces. This is particularly true if your divorce involves things like child custody, child support, and parenting plans. Also, if you are seeking alimony, your lawyer should be aggressive enough to get you that.
  5. Ask about their fee. The lawyer will charge a flat fee or an hourly rate depending on whether yours is a contested or simple no-fault divorce. There’s no denying that hiring a lawyer is an expensive add-on, but you cannot skip that aspect. You should consider asking for an estimate in advance.
  6. Choose a local lawyer. If you are in Boston, you need a divorce lawyer who is based in the city. This makes communication easier, and you can expect the lawyer to know the local courts, judges, and other lawyers.
  7. Be realistic. While you are going through a tough time, be realistic with your expectations when it comes to the role of a divorce lawyer. They will only handle the legal paperwork and everything discussed, but don’t assume they are your therapist.

Call a divorce lawyer’s office today and ask for an appointment before you make the first move. 

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