7 Reasons to become a ServiceNow Certified System Admin (CSA) in 2022

ServiceNow Certified System Admin

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT company established in 2004 by Fred Luddy in Santa Clara, California. It provides a variety of apps and plugins required for businesses in their IT management. They provide SaaS tools for managing services, operations, and businesses in IT. They also deliver management software for all industries and thus opened career opportunities for ServiceNow Certified System Admin in 2022.

About ServiceNow CSA Exam

With the exponential growth of the ServiceNow Cloud Platform, there is an intense need for certified professionals who can handle the basics of configuring, deploying, and maintaining the platform. The certification is also a prerequisite for those planning to move up in the ServiceNow path with advanced courses.

Anyone interested in becoming a ServiceNow certified admin can take the exam. All you need is the urge to polish your IT system skills and improve your abilities to move up the career scale. ServiceNow has issued comprehensive training materials, product documentation guides, and the developer site. Amateurs may find it challenging to consolidate the study materials, so signing up with a verified ServiceNow Admin training provider would be recommended.

Structure of ServiceNow Certified System Admin Exam

The exam comprises 60 questions to be completed in a time frame of 90 minutes. ServiceNow has published defined modules and syllabi for exam preparation. The syllabus is divided into learning domains with marks weightage, explore the ultimate ServiceNow Admin exam guide here. The candidate can optimally learn the modules based on the percentage of questions from the learning domains. The exam mostly has implementation-level questions based on the objectives mentioned in the domains.

All questions have four options. There are single-answer and multi-answer MCQ questions in the exam. All four options may be correct for the specific scenario in the single-answer questions. The examinee’s task is to find the best option for the implementation. For the multiple select questions, the candidate will have to choose all possible options that might be right from the four solutions.

Soon after completing the exam, the results are instantly displayed to the candidate. Please know that detailed explanations of the answers or marks are not available. The passing score required is 70%. The exam is available only in the English language. The specially-abled or those who want to choose a different language for the exam can contact the certifications section of ServiceNow for special provisions.

Failed candidates can reapply for the exam and retake the exam. A maximum of 3 retakes are allowed.

Why Should You Become a ServiceNow Certified System Admin?

Organisations in different industrial sectors use the ServiceNow platform to enhance their operation by automating the task load. They have become an enterprise in service management by being able to connect workforces spanning from customer relationships to security and everything in between.

There could be several reasons a person wants to become a ServiceNow Certified System Admin. Since its establishment, the company has grown multi-fold, with its current market share triple that of its competitors. And for this very reason, ServiceNow Certified System Admin professionals are being recruited by companies worldwide. ServiceNow also offers certifications in career opportunities as a developer, application specialist, and implementation technology.

Let’s check out some of the reasons why it is said to be worthy enough to get certified as a ServiceNow System Administrator.

1.      Companies Need Proven Professionals

By providing convenient cloud-based service to businesses, ServiceNow is one of the industry leaders in SaaS providers. With hands-on experience attained through the ServiceNow course modules, every certified individual is valued for helping the companies meet their goals. ServiceNow customer companies understand that the platform’s deployment can be smoother with ServiceNow Certified System Admins. They can inadvertently contribute to the success of the organisation.

2.      Supercharge Your Career

With a globally acclaimed certification, there are better chances of growth and exposure. There are consulting companies that have partnered with ServiceNow. With your ServiceNow System Admin Certification, you can easily find your way into the projects. The consulting companies require that the candidate holds at least one certificate to be hired as an employee on assignments. ServiceNow implementation paths can motivate you to set your career goal and guide you in the right direction.

3.      Use your Certification on LinkedIn

With a ServiceNow Certified System Admin credential on your resume, you can directly highlight your specific skills to fill in as a ServiceNow professional. ServiceNow has micro-certifications and mastery level programs that can add to the candidates’ CVs and increase their value. Every release or update comes with maintenance programs. The micro certification exams can be taken online and keep the professionals updated on the new releases. Your certifications from ServiceNow can make you stand apart from opponents who do not hold a certificate.

4.      Increased Salary Scale

Like most professional profiles, the salary will significantly depend upon certification, skills, and expertise. Attaining a ServiceNow certification is not an easy task. Due to this, certified ServiceNow professionals are in high demand.  ServiceNow salaries start at 60K for a junior developer and 200K for a senior developer. The average salary of a ServiceNow employee is estimated to be $100K. The starting salary for a ServiceNow Certified System Admin has been approximated at about 120K USD. The average salary, according to surveys.

US: 65000 USD

Europe: 60000 Euro

England: 55000 Pound

India: 5020000 INR

5.      Brands You As An Expert

ServiceNow career certifications are available in diverse sectors of IT like architecture, development and administration. Each job requires specific skills, and expertise. While applying for an administrator role, you can highlight your skills in system handling, management, database customisation, and workflow configuration. This will eventually create your profile as a ServiceNow expert Administrator. Branding yourself as an expert can place you above the rest in the career competition. Your certification displays your dedication and proficiency in IT administration of the ServiceNow Platform.

6.      Recognition In The Industry

IT professionals are racking up. Without a specialisation, you will likely get lost in the chaos. Leading enterprises depend upon ServiceNow for their IT and infrastructure management. Passing the examination is an outstanding achievement and can help spike your confidence level. With ServiceNow credentials, IT professionals can move above the rest and increase their visibility in the industry and job market. Over 27% of ServiceNow professionals claim that the certification has helped them gain promotion.

7.      High Up In The Competition

Unlike most administrator courses, ServiceNow course training and examination are based entirely on hands-on experience. Fortune 500 companies and other successful businesses do not look for theoretical knowledge while hiring employees. You will be exposed to hands-on expertise with projects with a suitable ServiceNow Certified System Admin course module. This can help you analyse life situations and tackle interview questions targeted at problem-solving.

How to Get Certified as ServiceNow System Admin in 2022?

ServiceNow instructors provide prerequisite courses for those who aspire to take the ServiceNow System Admin course. ServiceNow instructors or third-party authorised training providers can obtain the learning material.  The administrator certification is the most basic ServiceNow career path where one learns to manage and maintain the cloud-business platform. Attaining the administrator credential will be the first step toward a ServiceNow career graph. It lays the foundation and has limited prerequisites.

  • The candidate must complete the ServiceNow Fundamentals course to become eligible for the ServiceNow Certified System Admin exam. This is a 3-day introductory training course offered at Now Learning Platform. The candidate can obtain or purchase a voucher code to register for the exam. This voucher is non-transferable.
  • Six months of working experience with ServiceNow is recommended.
  • Industry experience handling database concepts and system management.
  • Knowledge of the primary industry terminologies and usages can make learning easier and increase your chances of passing.

Preparing for ServiceNow System Admin Certification

Aspirants can start their learning with the Now Learning Platform. When ready to take the exam, you must open a new Webassessor account and link it to the Now Learning Platform. Kryterion Webassessor is the examination platform for ServiceNow exams. Exams can be attended at Kryterion test centres or online. The cost of the exam is $150.

Through verified training providers, you can pass your ServiceNow examination in a week of dedicated learning. There are several books and other sources to prepare for your exam. But comparatively, a smaller number of people are ServiceNow certified. People do not understand the career boost provided by the certification and do not devote themselves to learning.

Practice papers and mock exams can also prove helpful to ensure your success in the certification exam. These can help with self-evaluation before taking the certification exams. You can understand your weaker domains and work upon them. Trial papers are always a psychological way to boost your confidence.


Automation is the new slogan of the business world. All enterprises are in a race to automate their processes. ServiceNow tops the list of business automation product providers. There are certification paths for varied roles in the ServiceNow job pool, and with the credentials, one can grow a successful career in the IT business management sector. Statistics state that cloud computing and AI careers will be the jobs of the future. You can become a valued entity by being able to build the infrastructure of the businesses.

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