7 Signs That Would Make You Become a Great Surrogate


Surrogacy is one of the most generous human welfare works, and it is a rare service to humankind and includes a precious expression of giving.

There’s a lot about surrogacy these days as more people are looking forward to carrying a child for others and helping them build their families. 

The procedure is being made a lot easier by agency services and the support ecosystem around surrogacy. However, successful surrogacy is only possible when the process follows a stringent and systematic plan. Certain threshold parameters and service factors make gestational surrogacy an authentic, reliable, and thriving practice. 

Every state has a different set of applicable rules and policies to put surrogacy into practice. If you are willing to become a surrogate mother in New York, you have different conditions and procedural plans to follow in Ohio and California.

But, irrespective of the state you are in, a few factors broadly decide if you can become a good surrogate and serve the intended parents successfully. 

A few signs tell you if you are a good fit as a surrogate and you have fair chances to accomplish the journey of surrogacy. Let’s enumerate these points: 

1. You Have a Helping Nature

At the base of it, the idea of surrogacy revolves around the spirit of helping others. It is about assisting childless parents in raising their families through medical help. It takes a lot of empathy, compassion, and patience to become a gestational carrier. It is possible when you are the kind of person who is ready to help others and is driven by service.

2. You Carry a Good Health

If you have good health and an excellent medical history behind you, you meet the most important criteria to participate in a surrogacy program. While you must be healthy in all aspects, at large, your level of health and fitness can be judged by a few parameters. These factors include A BMI of 35 or below, a non-smoking lifestyle and surroundings, and no history of severe anxiety or mental illness. 

3. It’s The Right Age

Age is a ruling factor for surrogacy. There’s a medically-proven fertile age to conceive and deliver a child, and the typically accepted age range for surrogacy is between 21 to 39 years. If this is your age, you are in the most fertile and safest period for having a baby, provided every key requisite and criterion is met and served well. 

4. You Have Given Birth To At Least a Child

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines, all the fertility clinics in the US should only accept the services of gestational carriers who have already given birth to at least a child. The prenatal and delivery records of the surrogacy applicant should be free from any complications and irregularities. 

5. You Have a Strong Will

Some pregnancy journeys may be smooth, while others may get tough and demanding. There may be strings of mood changes and slowdowns. The body can experience episodes of energy drainage and irregular sleep cycles. Suppose you are a person who stays headstrong in unlikely situations and can be on extreme medical supervision and diet to get ideal results. In that case, you are the one surrogacy agency, and intended parents are looking for with keen eyes.

6. You Have a Clean Record

You should not have any criminal history or botched personal record. You have a big responsibility to play, and this is not going to work with a troubled, suspicious, or illicit record where you have experienced any retribution, penalty, or abashment. Your clean past is a must-needed factor to keep you in the bright light and good faith of eligibility for surrogacy.

7. You Want To Join The Sisterhood 

As you decide to become a surrogate mother, you choose to be a part of a noble welfare movement. You join a group of strong-willed, kind-hearted women and become a part of the surrosisters’ pack. Here, you get access to a tribe of highly spirited and motivated women and an environment that talks about humanity, kindness, and love. This is an exhilarating journey and a great rendezvous for many women searching for a meaningful and purposeful social union. 

Wrapping Up

You can make a great surrogate if you have these traits and interests in you and meet these surrogacy criteria. While you know you fulfill these norms, you should always consider checking with the experts in the field to improve your chances of becoming a surrogate mother and guide you through the process. 

If you have questions on how to become a surrogate in New York, you can ask experts at Rite Options and get help with your surrogacy journey.

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