7 Thing Every Hardcore Gamer Can Relate to

There is no doubt at all that the gaming community is a world in itself. While some people play games just to have fun the traits of a true gamer vary. They don’t play games for the thrill instead they play games for the life of it. It’s pretty easy to spot a true gamer in their natural habitat, if you think you too are a true gamer, let’s dive in and see how many of these can you relate to.

  1. Plan your purchase for the gaming sale

All money is, money going to waste unless it is you spending money on your favorite gaming chair, a new Deathadder mouse, or an even high graphic card. While all these sound like wonderful things to have, they don’t really come with the best price tags. A True gamer also plans their expenditure around gaming sales. Whether it’s building your gaming console or adding more games to your already existing gaming library. None of those things are cheap, the black Friday sales or the Summer sales will have to make the cut before that every penny is going to the piggy bank.

  1. Your internet is your priced possession

If you are a true gamer you would know the importance of your internet connection and how it needs to be a high-quality, high-speed downloading based. Your worst nightmare is slow internet so you’d rather have a line connection or a router all to yourself because sharing means lagging. There is absolutely nothing worse than you lagging mid-game because your ping is high. That is something they have no patience for. Your most priced possession next to your gaming setup is internet connection the holy grail.

  1. Toxic lobby: Toxic team

Waiting in the lobby to enter a game with your team is already very tiring and if you have to do it with strangers, it’s more awkward than it is tiring. Waiting to enter a game has to be the most boring part of being a gamer. When you are matched in a toxic lobby or matched in a toxic team, we understand fully how annoying it can be. They really do be testing your patience when they keep smurfing, trolling, and screaming mid-game for no reason. The choice is would you rather bear their screaming, would you turn off your headphones, or worse would you quit?  A-Ha! That was a test. A true gamer would never quit a game and that brings us to number 4 on our list…

  1. There are no jokes if your rank is on the line!

‘It’s just a game No! It’s not just a game, it’s what recharges them, what puts the life back into their body after a tiring day of doing their 9-5 jobs. The games are no jokes especially when you are playing a tournament or you are on your final around before you are ranked down. It’s not just a game then! The adrenaline rush, the anxiety, they all camp in your head. You buckle up, straighten your chair, and get really into it. Ranking down is like committing a sin, you just can’t!

  1. Movies inspired by video games.

Gaming has taken over every part of your life, your phone wallpaper, the walls in your room, and even your entertainment away from your console and gaming setup. If you are a true gamer chances are you have watched all the adaptations of video games that made it to become movies. A movie is 100x times more fun when you can relate to the smallest things and the production paid attention to the smallest of details. Here are a few we can name that are inspired by video games :

  • Rampage
  • Warcraft
  • Tomb Raider
  • Mortal Kombat
  • The angry bird movie
  • Assassin creed
  • Sonic the Hedgehog

If you haven’t seen any of these, they are available to watch on DSTV in USA along with many more. Grab your popcorn and get binging, we bet they are great productions.

  1. You have your vocabulary of words.

When we say gaming is a whole world of its own run by gamers, we truly mean so. The gaming world has its own, rules, there is no calculation of time or day and they even have their own vocabulary that only a gamer would know. If you have been playing games religiously you’d know a camping, baiting, and smurfing. Like camping, it’s not your usual camping with smores and fire. That’s exactly what we mean!

  1. You have been mistaken for cheating one too many times.

When you have played for too long, you just know where to target and how to kill. In easy words when you have finally evolved into the hardcore gamer the most annoying thing that happens is people reporting you for cheating. If there is anything that turns you into the angry red bird, it’s being banned for cheating. They just can’t accept that you are a God-level player they just can’t beat. So, they do what they know the best, report you. Oh, the cooldowns really get to your nerve as nothing else does.

Where there are many more things we can list down that you could relate to these are things that a true gamer would relate to on another level. If you too agree with our list, leave us a comment below and tell us, how many of these have happened to you. Happy gaming!

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