7 Things You Should Not Do With Boxer Dog Breed

The Boxer dog is known for its intelligence, high activity level, and strength. Classed as one of the cutest Boxer dog breeds by most people. These characteristics can lead to some things that you should not do with your boxer breed.

There is no denying that boxer dogs are some of the cutest dog breeds around. With their adorable faces and wagging tails, they are sure to charm everyone they meet. But aside from their good looks, boxers are also known for being friendly and intelligent animals that make great companions. If you’re thinking about adding a boxer to your family, be sure to do your research first – these dogs require plenty of exercise and can be quite active. But if you’re prepare for the challenge, a boxer is sure to make your life a little bit brighter.

Have them in an unenclosed area

Boxers can easily get out of an unenclosed area. They have a tendency to jump over fences and dig under them if they see something worth chasing on the other side. If you ever find your boxer running loose, do not try to approach it. If it’s startle, it might attack you or run away from you.

Don’t let them go off-leash

While most boxer owners prefer their dogs to be off-leash. It is not advisable to always have them this way especially if you are in a place or around people who you do not know or trustfully. There might be a time when your boxer will run towards a dangerous individual and put your dog as well as the person at risk. Do not let your boxer go off leash unless you are in a place where it is safe for both you and your boxer.

Do not leave them alone even for a short time

It might be difficult to find someone to stay with your boxer while you run an errand or go to the grocery store. They do not like being alone for even a short time because they are social creatures who love attention and require proper care. Leaving them alone will only make them sad, frustrated or destructive.

Do not keep them in an apartment

They have a lot of pent up energy that needs to be release. Letting them run around an apartment complex every day will only cut their lives short because of a heart attack from all the running and lack of sleep from barking at strangers passing by outside your home.

 Do not feed them human food

Boxer dogs are usually fed with human food because it is tasty. Some owners even cut the portions of their meals into half, thinking that it will be enough for their boxer dog. Human food lacks all of the nutrients that your boxer dog needs to survive and grow healthy. Feeding them with human food will only cut their lives short by a few years.

Do not let them bully other dogs

Boxers are known for being territorial. They act this way because they were breed to protect their owners and keep intruders away from their home or any places of the owner. They will do this even with people or dogs that they are not familiar with. If you allow your boxer to bully other dogs, the other dog might retaliate and cause serious harm to your boxer.

7 Do not cut their hair short

Boxers have a double coat that keeps them warm throughout the year. Cutting their hair short will cut their ability to keep themselves warm. Also, cutt them this way has been proven to cut the lifespan of a boxer dog by a few years due to various diseases and health conditions that cut their lives short.

Other things that you should not do with your boxer dog.

Do not cut the natural growth of their hocks Do not cut their tails Do not cut their ears Do not cut their coat

Do not cut their feet

TheyDo not declaw them which is essentially cutting their fingers off. If you are afraid that they might hurt your furniture or yourself, there are other alternatives to prevent this from happening. You can train them on how to behave around your furniture. You can also get them chew toys that will help keep their teeth cut and healthy. Above all, if you love your boxer dog, you should not cut their natural growth because of your own selfish reasons. It is ok to cut the hair short but not cut their natural body parts which are important for their survival.

Do not cut the natural growth of their hocks

The boxers are known for have straight hocks that they inherit from the Bullenbeisser or bulldog. These dogs were use to pin down bulls, bears, and wild boars without causing

Do not cut or shorten their dewclaws

Ensure that they are groom properly to avoid mats and tangle

Also, ensure that you have them checked by a veterinarian every six months for any issues regarding their heart, teeth, cuticles, eyes and toenails.

Do not cut their tails

The boxer will usually cut the tip of their tails to ensure that they are able to move freely when they use their tail to communicate with other dogs. If your boxer is still young, you might want to cut their tails yourself but let them do the job when they become adults. This way, they will cut the tip of their tails and they will understand that it is not a good idea to cut the tail in length.

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