7 tips to get more customers for your business

get more customers

New Year has just begun and you shouldn’t waste any time now in order to develop the right strategy for a successful year.  Of course, a steadily growing and satisfied customer base and effective customer loyalty are essential for every company, regardless of the industry. With our 7 tips we will help you to keep existing customers, to reach new ones and to win over former ones again. The New Year will be another successful chapter in your company’s history.

1. Know your customer

The first step in any business planning should start with a detailed profile of your customers. Because attracting new customers only works if you know them. Based on the product you are offering, you should be clear about which target group you want to address. It is no longer sufficient to only superficially know about your customers – rather, you should know essential information such as average age, gender or their interests. On the one hand, you can use this data to continuously improve your product and, on the other hand, you can adapt your marketing measures to ensure that you also reach your target group.

2. Increase your public image

In order for your existing customers to recommend you to others, you need a good product that is based on the desired requirements. Just through word of mouth you can secure a growing influx of new customers. This external effect can, however, be promoted through further targeted measures. For example, you can visit trade fairs and give presentations. At the same time, you should always use various media to draw attention to special offers, discount campaigns and new products. This is where it pays off if you have an email address for your customers and prospects that you can use to contact them. With effective newsletter marketing (but also with classic print media) you keep everyone up to date and strengthen your customer loyalty. It also helps you to find customers

3. Have a presence online

This external effect can be increased especially through a strong online presence. A well-structured and trendy website is now standard in every industry. An online shop, which enables your customers to access your offer around the clock, is particularly good in retail.

Also, don’t underestimate the impact social media can have! A Facebook page that announces new products and on which the customer can share his shopping experience with others enables you to improve your external image many times over. Or write a blog and share interesting articles from your industry and new products with your customers.

4. Offer the best service

Nowadays, a good product alone is often no longer enough. Negative press about inadequate customer service and support can cost a business its most loyal customers. Since customer reviews are more publicly available than ever in the times of Google reviews, Trip advisor, or Yelp, it is all the more important to offer good customer service. Good reviews are very attractive to potential customers due to their public impact. At the same time, good support ensures you loyal customers. Don’t be afraid to actively seek feedback from your customers, be it in person or via social media. 

5. Get a Toll-Free number

Even today the best way to help customers and know complaints is by having a toll-free number. A toll-free number indicates that you care about your customer’s reviews and complaints. Nowadays toll-free numbers have a worldwide reach, so no matter where your customers are, they can contact you. Now depending on where you are situated your numbers may be different like area code 844 or 800 have numbers starting with 0844 or 0800, it does not matter for all of them work the same.

6. Team up

A good way to generate new customers in the marketing world is called a “host-beneficiary ” arrangement. A startup, the “beneficiary”, joins an already established business, the “host”. The “host” offers its loyal customer a special offer from the startup as a reward. While the established business rewards its loyal customers for free, the newcomer receives new customer contacts for little money. Of course, this is only possible if both companies address a similar target group.

7. Stand out

The most important tip for a continuous influx of new customers, however, remains: Stand out from the crowd! Be it a sophisticated product, excellent service, tempting offers, a strong online presence or an attractive facility – use every opportunity to stand out! This is the only way to give the customer a reason to prefer your offer to the competition.


A loyal and steadily growing customer base is essential for any business that wants to establish itself over a longer period of time, but at the same time there are many different ways to achieve just that.

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