7 Ways eBooks Can Help Bring Your Site Traffic


Streamlining marketing plans and employing strategies that can help increase lead generations and sales is the ultimate goal of any business owner. With 53% of marketers spending half of their budget on lead generation and 27% claiming organic search generates the most leads, the importance of websites cannot be stressed enough.

Websites are more than just a digital footprint of your business; they also provide a platform where you can attract, engage, and convert customers. Many website optimization strategies are available to increase your site traffic, but one that works exceptionally well is eBooks.

eBooks have the capability to increase your website traffic by 18%. How? By giving you another product on your site that is marketable and promotional and offers businesses another way to engage with their customers.

This article will discuss 7 ways eBooks can help increase traffic on your site. If you are not an author yourself, you can always opt for ebook writing services to do the job for you.

How eBooks Increase Site Traffic

1.   By Building Authority

eBooks give small to medium-sized businesses a way to build authority in their niche. As an entrepreneur, you need to create a name for yourself in the industry. After all, if you don’t have something valuable to offer and the credibility to back it up, why would people do business with you?

You can establish your authority online through your knowledge of your industry and share this knowledge with prospective clients and customers through an ebook.

2.   Introducing Exclusivity

Exclusivity is a prospect in marketing that significantly impacts your customers and the way your brand is perceived. Books are associated with education, and when you keep your insights and knowledge exclusive, it shows that what you have to offer is incredibly valuable – there’s a reason Harvard and MIT are held in such high regard, after all.

To correctly promote your eBook, start by offering the first few chapters for free. Give your visitors a taste of what they can expect before asking them to purchase the full version, thus increasing sales. Similarly, you can provide eBooks to subscription-based customers only.

3.   Increasing Conversions and Sales

As we’ve discussed earlier, eBooks are a great way to establish your authority in your niche. If you’re an expert and have valuable information to give out, you can bet that people will be willing to trade something for that information. Yes, money is great, but what will help you in the long run is contact details.

Asking your visitors to subscribe to your service is a great way to compel them to give you their names, email addresses, etc. You can then use this information to market other products and services to them. Since they already trust your authority after reading your book, they’ll be more inclined to do business with you.

4.   eBooks Can Be Used as a Marketing Tool

Many businesses in the same niche as yours are offering the same services and products. So then, how do you stand out? Simple, you write an eBook.

However, not everyone is born with Shakespearean levels of writing. If you’re going to do something to build your credibility online, the last thing you can afford is the whole thing blowing up in your face because you didn’t get your point across, or worse, grammatical errors *GASPS*.

This is why you need to hire someone to write a book that can articulate your thoughts into engaging words.

5.   Retargeting

What is retargeting, and how do eBooks help in this regard?

Retargeting is the art of marketing to customers who have visited your website but were not ready to purchase something from you the first time round. Those visitors are retargeted by ads on social media platforms or other websites in such cases. Retargeting is crucial because it helps you stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Your ad needs to be compelling and offer value that they can’t find anywhere else. Here is where eBooks come in. eBooks can be used as a marketing tool to attract visitors and convert visitors into leads. But how do you collect such data? Place your ebook on the homepage, offer a free snippet in exchange for an email, and then engage with customers on different platforms.

6.   By Improving SEO

SEO is the biggest contributor to organic search, and organic search is crucial if increasing site traffic and conversions is your goal. Businesses invest in search engine optimization to rank higher on search engines like Google by keyword placement, backlinking, schema markup, and good-quality content.

SEO has become more complex and difficult to achieve as technology advances. It is more about content than keywords. A lesser-known but effective way to introduce the content on your website is through eBooks.

SEO and eBooks go hand in hand. They’re a way for you to show off your knowledge of the industry in a long-form format. However, writing an eBook isn’t as easy as it sounds, and  you need to take great care when composing one. It’s best to opt for eBook writing services and ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your SEO and improve your reach.

7.   Giving You More Content – Convert Your eBook into Blogs

Not everyone is keen on reading hundreds of pages of an eBook. But this is what makes eBooks so versatile. A well-written eBook can be broken down into smaller blogs and articles. This way, you can offer your content to every type of reader and ensure your expertise reaches a wider audience. You can also increase the amount of content on your website, which is great for SEO and website traffic.

Now that you know the benefits of eBooks and how they can be used to increase site traffic and increase sales and conversions, what are you waiting for? Get writing!. But what if you can’t write an eBook or have never written one before? Don’t worry. This is where professional eBook writing services like CDP step in to save the day.

Content Development Pros offers many ebook writing services packages and excels in more than 30 genres. Their team of qualified ebook writers ensures your thoughts and expertise in your particular industry shine through and are articulated beautifully.

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