7 Ways take advantage of Instagram Reels for your business

Instagram Reels for your business

Instagram reels have become a powerful way to reach a wider audience and gain engagement. Since this is a newer format, the Instagram algorithm is trying to push reels content more. This makes it the perfect opportunity to utilize reels to grow your business. 

Not only will it help one reach a wider audience, but also increase engagement on your Instagram account. Many marketers have started to invest and get legit Instagram views, knowing its potential. If you want to take advantage and grow your brand, here are 7 ways to take advantage of Instagram reels for your business. 

1. Share educational content featuring your product

Reels are a great way to increase engagement of your Instagram account by providing valuable content. This implies that brands don’t just have to showcase WHAT their products are, but HOW can they be useful. 

This may consist of DIY videos, short tutorials, How To’s, talking about trends, and so on. Education content like advice and solutions also has high shareability and saveability, further increasing engagements. While creating such content, always keep in mind the audience’s perspective to offer more value and promote your product better. 

2. Narrate your story

It is a known fact that consumers are more likely to shop from brands that they feel a connection to. And what better way to build a connection with your audience than by getting up close and personal. It’s always a good idea to narrate your brand’s individual story compellingly. 

Share your vision, showcase your journey, share your steps towards your mission and be authentically personal. Since reels offer a 1-minute timer, you could always be more creative. Additionally you can buy Instagram views to increase engagement of your account. 

3. Tease your upcoming launch

Reels are considered quite snappy when it comes to building awareness for your latest launch, event, upcoming workshops, or any other news. Using reels, one can give sneak peeks and glimpses to build a buzz and intrigue the audience to stay tuned. 

You can now only arouse curiosity, but also pull in new followers to increase engagement of your Instagram account. For the best results, you could always partner with a hip and relevant influencer or buy Instagram views to skyrocket engagements. 

4. Show some behind-the-scenes

Showing some behind-the-scenes content through reels is a good way to gain the trust of customers and build a long-term relationship with the audience. Through behind-the-scenes glimpses, the audience gets a peek of the company culture. 

This is a great way to instill a connection with the audience and transfer a sense of belongingness with them. You could show a regular Monday at work, some employees, or even that dog that keeps visiting your office! For more traction on your reels, you could always buy Instagram views and gain engagements. 

5. Showcase customer testimonials

Social proof has proved to be a potent way to instill trust amongst your audience and encourage them to buy your product. This is why it is always suggested to encourage your followers to share their reviews and experience with your brand and product. 

A great way to do this is to encourage user-generated content and give a shoutout in your reels. Other ways include an unboxing video, their experience with the product, the results, and so on. Using this method, several brands have been able to increase engagements, brand awareness and scored conversions

6. Answer popular questions

Many service-based companies have gained exposure by creating bite-sized videos that answer common queries. 

The key is to understand the popular pain points of the audience and center your content on that. You can also take up a quick AMA session of your IG stories and create a combined reel answering popular and repetitive questions. 

7. Try some trends

If you are having a creative block and are running out of ideas, you could always seek inspiration and try some new trends. Since Instagram is all about trends, this is a great way to increase engagement with your Instagram account. 

Check out what trends the influencers in your niche and your competitors are following. You could always insert popular hashtags, use cool AR filters, insert a trending music clip and shoot up engagements.


Although reels are relatively new, they have been growing at a crazy fast rate. This is the best time to make the most out of reels, considering that Instagram is trying to push out video content more. 

The key is to remain consistent, follow trends with a twist, and shoot in a well-lit setting. So, hop on to the trend train, make reels consistently and wait for the magic to happen!

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