8 reasons to visit the Canary Islands in 2022


After a long period of time where we were unable to enjoy a well-deserved holiday due to the COVID pandemic, now is the time to pack our bags and choose one of the favourite destinations for many, the Canary Islands.

In these Spanish islands you will be able to enjoy its climate, landscapes, gastronomy, resorts for all tastes, as well as an endless number of activities to do. That said, here are some of the reasons why we recommend visiting the Canary Islands archipelago in 2022:

1.  For its climate

One of the main attractions of the Canary Islands is their climate. During practically the whole year, the temperature in the area is over 20 degrees centigrade, this is due to the location of these islands in the vicinity of the Tropic of Cancer, having its variants due to the trade winds and its relief.

This is why you can enjoy the beach on unusual dates, making them an ideal destination for tourists from other European countries.

2. For its landscapes

In the Canary Islands you will be able to contemplate a diversity of wonderful landscapes, from beautiful sunsets over the sea, to volcanic landscapes, which are impressive for those who have never seen them before.

Likewise, its dunes, endless beaches and forests make for an unforgettable stay.

3. Minor taxes

In the Canary Islands VAT is not charged but IGIC, which is a minimum tax of only 7%, so it is much cheaper to enjoy a wonderful holiday without being so affected by the prices of accommodation and all those expenses that we can make.

4.  For its flora and fauna

This is a wonderful place for nature lovers, where you can get to know the biodiversity that exists throughout the archipelago, you will find animal species that are unique in the world, such as the capuchin butterfly or the giant iron lizard, which are in danger of extinction.

You can also enter the laurisilva forest in the Tiles of Moya, which is also a unique place in the world, where the tabaiba, the savin, the Canary Island palm, the cardon, the dragon tree, among many other species, stand out.

5. For its beaches

In the Canary Islands there are a large number of paradisiacal beaches. And each beach is different, some are volcanic sand and others are white sand, which makes each of the islands unique. That said, here are some of the most attractive ones:

  • Papagayo Beach in Lanzarote, which is a beautiful beach of golden sand and turquoise waters, for many it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.
  • Maspalomas Beach in Gran Canaria, is an extensive beach where you can practice various sports, there is something for everyone, and here you can also enjoy the charm of the Maspalomas Dunes.
  • Beaches of Corralejo in Fuerteventura, which are ideal beaches if you want to do some windy water sports.
  • Las Canteras Beach or Las Teresitas Beach in Gran Canaria, which are very close to urban centres.

6. For its accommodation

There is a wide range of accommodation options on the island, from the most luxurious resorts and hotels, which offer attractive all-inclusive offers, swimming pools, pool bars, shows, spa, special areas for the enjoyment of children, and much more, such as the Gran Canaria Spain hotel of the Lopesan group. Even the simplest of accommodations, which are also quite cosy. 

There is something for all tastes and needs.

7.  For its bars and restaurants

All over the islands or in the resorts you will find many restaurants and bars where you can enjoy delicious Spanish cuisine, such as the legendary tapas, which are internationally renowned.

8. For its nightlife

The best nightlife is to be found in Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Gran Canaria (Inglés beach or Maspalomas beach), which are the areas where you will find the best clubs, pubs and discotheques for partying and dancing. 

On the other islands there are also places where you can have a good time and dance until the early hours of the morning, but in fewer establishments.

And so we conclude this series with some of the reasons to include the Canary Islands in your list of places to go on holiday this 2022. All in all, it’s a choice you won’t regret.

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