9 Best Interactive Facebook Posts Ideas

9 Best Interactive Facebook Posts Ideas

Is your Facebook business runner feeling a little slow? Are your druggies ignoring your posts or failing to interact? If so, it’s time for you to expand your Facebook content strategy to include fun and engaging interactive Facebook posts. 

Facebook marketing has become a foundational part of every marketer’s content strategy. A business Facebook runner is a great way to make and reach a broad followership without breaking your budget. Still, it’s not enough to produce general posts presently. 

In this composition, we’re going to:

  • Explain what interactive Facebook posts are and why they work. 
  • Partake in many of our top interactive Facebook post ideas and marketing tips. 
  • Give you one of our top Facebook post ideas. 

What Are Interactive Posts? 

In short, interactive posts are Facebook posts that get druggies to engage with your content. Our Facebook feeds are swamped with posts, advertisements, videos, and papers every day. 

Interactive posts are designed to draw attention and stand out. 

In turn, druggies are more likely to engage with these posts, participating with them with their musketeers. 

There are numerous different types of interactive Facebook posts. Not all may be suited to your business or assiduity, so take the time to estimate your options. 

The wrong kinds of posts may alienate your followership rather than foster engagement, defeating the purpose of an interactive post. 

Interactive Facebook Posts Best Ideas

You know you need interactive posts, but where do you start? Do n’t worry! Then are many of our top posts ideas that can inspire you to produce fun, interactive Facebook posts that ’ll boost engagement and exhilaration your followership. 

1. Questions, Quizzes, and Pates 

The easiest way to engage your followership is by posing a question. Ask them their opinion and let them state their opinions in the commentary. You can also use pates and indeed quizzes to boost engagement. 

One system that’s been growing in fashionability is using different reply buttons as ways to bounce. For illustration, select “ Like” to bounce for option one or pick “ Laugh” to bounce for option two. 

Not only do you get perceptivity into your followership’s opinions, but you also get an expansive number of relations.

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2. Give a Peek Behind the Scenes 

What’s it like in your business? What’s your company culture? How do you make your products, and where do you deliver your services? 

Your followership may be curious about your business, and behind-the- scenes posts can take advantage of that. It’s a skulk peep behind the curtain and, when used rightly, can make your followership feel more connected to your brand. 

3. Share Videos 

Videos are a largely successful form of content. Over 140 million people spend a normal of 26 twinkles watching videotape content on the platform daily. 

That’s 3.64 billion twinkles being watched everyday.However, you ’re missing out on a significant number of relations, If you ’re not creating videos. 

Videos have an average engagement rate of 0.26. That may not sound like much, but it’s significantly advanced when compared to the average Facebook commerce rate of 0.18. 

Just like for our #SortlistInside, we offer witnesses on our Facebook runner from agencies explaining their guests using our platform. 

Live aqueducts have also grown in fashionability, particularly during the events of 2020. Druggies enjoy being suitable to engage with a brand in real- time. They can ask questions, make commentary, and get immediate responses. 

4. Fun Product Prints 

Who said that product prints need to be boring? There are several ways you can turn a simple product print into an engaging post that showcases your brand’s personality. 

Important filmland sells stories, and stories sell products. There are a many ideas:

  • Show the product in use. For illustration, Land Rover frequently shows their vehicles exploring beautiful and hard-to- reach geographies. Indeed a tea strainer can look more seductive when it has succulent, storming tea being poured through it. 
  • Use creative illustrations. For illustration, Oreo is well known for using instigative patterns and colors to show its eyefuls. By simply using space and color creatively, they continue to keep their brand images intriguing. 
  • Vend a life with your image. Dior and Nike are many brands that are blessed at creating a sense of purpose. Nike is synonymous with active living, while Dior symbolizes the epitome of luxury. 

Still, put it in a lineup with prints from challengers, If you ’re not sure whether an image is good enough. However, you ’re on the right track, If you manage to stand out. 

5. Contests and Comps 

Everyone loves to get commodities for free! The desire to save many pennies is so hardwired in people’s minds that cerebral studies concentrate on our “preoccupation with free.” There’s nothing more instigative than winning a prize to the utmost people in your followership, no matter how small. 

6. Give Tips 

Giving simple tips is a great way to make a relationship with your followership and boost engagement. However, you may want to partake in many marketing tips, If you’re a marketing agency. However, partake in a short tutorial, If you ’re a shooter. Health life brand? Share affordable healthy living ideas. 

You want to be seen as the expert in your field, the top choice amongst your challengers. You can do that by giving away a little helpful information for free. In turn, ask your followership to show you how they espoused your advice. 

Not only does that encourage engagement, but it also gives you access to stoner-generated content. 

7. Play Games With Your Followership 

 Word games are a great way to engage your followership. You can indeed offer your followership a price. For illustration, you can hide an exclusive reduction law within the game, which players can use if they break the mystification. Consider games like 

  • Frenetic Libs 
  • Hangman 
  • Boggle 
  • Jumble 

You can indeed use anagrams with multiple results to make a slightly more grueling game. Indispensable games include hiding suggestions in images or indeed having a cyber treasure quest. 

Still, you can use the ultimate to boost your Facebook reach, get further newsletter subscribers, If you use an omnichannel marketing approach. 

Suppose out of the box, and you ’ll be surprised at the results. Creativity is crucial. 

9 Best Interactive Facebook Posts Ideas

8. Go Viral 

Going viral is the ultimate thing of nearly every single marketing crusade. Marketers want their posts to reverberate with the followership so deeply that they can repel participating in them. 

For illustration, numerous brands have learned how to use memes to their advantage, which are innately viral. Another way to go viral is to partake an unpopular opinion – in a responsible manner, of course. 

Still, you don’t want to go viral for all the wrong reasons. For illustration, Kendall Jenner and Pepsi took a hard megahit when the public rallied against their hoot announcement. Rather than promoting peace, they sparked a fiery online hoot and were hit with massive counter reaction. 

9. Final Tip

Eventually, we’ve our top tip for creating delightful and interactive posts on Facebook. Remember this cardinal rule 

It’s not about you! 

People want to know about your business, products, or services, but they do n’t want you to post blatantly tone-promotional content continually. 

Rather, concentrate on creating content that inspires feelings and fosters engagement. Tell stories! 

The ultramodern social media followership has come decreasingly eyeless to advertisements and promotional posts. They ’ll scroll past your posts with ease, snappily forgetting that you were ever in their feed. 

It’s become vital to produce fun posts that are eye- catching and demand attention. Tell a story. Make your observers frenetic, sad, or glad. Make them laugh. 

Remember Melbourne’s Metro Trains “Dumb Ways to Die” announcement? What about Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” crusade? Or Always “Like a Girl” posts? 

The point is that people want stories. They want brands to make them feel an important emotion. Also they want to share that emotion with the world. However, this is how to do it, If you want to produce a Facebook post that will encourage further social media engagement. 

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Why Do Engaging Social Media Posts Work? 

 Unlike a direct deals post, interactive content can boost commerce, increase reach, and initiate exchanges. They do so because they ’re painstakingly designed and optimized to be eye- catching and engaging. There are three crucial factors to concentrate on: 


Did you know that 71% of consumers want to buy from brands that partake of their values? Another 72 anticipate brands to be positive contributors to society. That allows you to “ hack” your relationship with your followership and establish a meaningful connection. 

Post about effects that count, whether to you or your followership. Are you committed to environmental or social issues? Do you support LGTBQ rights? Maybe your company makes donations to charities. 

Still, do so, If you can use any of these issues to produce a substantiated communication that will reverberate with your followership. 


You need to give your observers a purpose, and a post is an excellent way to do so. Tutorials, tips, explainers, and how-tos are all fantastic ways to partake your moxie with your followership. People want brands to add value to their lives, and you can do so by participating in free usable information. 


Direct deals posts are no longer the stylish way to initiate exchanges and turn observers into transformations. Still, you still have to promote your business and services! 

Below, we ’ll share many creative ways you can announce your goods without getting another post. 

What’s critical is creating a call-to- action that will encourage druggies to interact with your content. Without an excellent CTA, you wo n’t get the engagement you want. 

You do n’t need to include all three with every single post. Rather, incorporate some variation of each within your overall content strategy to get the stylish results. 

Still, you ’ll make a pious and interactive Facebook community, If you use the Three P’s to your advantage. It’s this community that will help you expand your reach and make your brand engaging. 


Facebook is a mecca of exertion. The social media platform has over 2.85 billion druggies, including implicit buyers and important decision-makers. 

These online cult want to be thrilled and pleased with high- value and engaging content. Regularly posting is no longer enough. However, you need to spend time developing the correct type of Facebook posts, If you wish to make an online community or reach a wider followership of implicit guests. 

Remember, ask questions, be creative, suppose outside of the box, and always tell a story. 

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