97 Questions to Ask a Girl: Good, Deep, Funny, Flirty and Interesting

Questions to Ask a Girl

Are you wondering about the best questions to ask a girl to get to know her? Yes, no doubt, keeping a conversation in a good flow can be very challenging especially while talking to girls. Therefore, one of the best ways to start a good chat and keep on talking for longer times is frequently asking different questions on various topics. As long as she continues answering your questions, she will eventually become interested in talking with you.

But remember it is never too easy. You always have to choose very wisely the best questions to ask a girl, and this can really be an extremely tough task sometimes.

  • On one hand, you might get a golden key to a long-lasting friendship or successful love relationship.
  • While on the other hand, your one stupid question can ruin a girl’s mood and the base of your future relationship.

Therefore, to avoid any embarrassing mishaps, here we have created a comprehensive list of top 97 questions to ask a girl. We hope they will never let you down. Also, these may be the questions that girls may like to answer.

Although a few of them might be silly or tricky enough, they can certainly be a great start, especially in regards that you want to realize what kind of girl is sitting next to you. This is something unique that would make you happy in your arsenal in the long run.

Of course, you do not have to ask all of them continuously. Just pick up your favorite best questions to ask girls and start your conversation! Wish you very good luck!

17 Good Questions to Ask a Girl

Almost every guy should nowadays know a handful of good questions to ask girls. The main reason behind it is that whether you are going to make a small conversation with a female colleague at work, or somehow trying to charm your crush girl, sometimes talking to a girl can be slightly intimidating. However, it does not have to be such. The biggest hurdle mostly coming up here is coming up with some topics to start a conversation.

So, here is a handy list of some good questions to ask girls for you. All of them will make your art of conversation with a girl easy and natural over time.

Q.no.1: Are you very close to your family members? Do you love them eagerly?

No doubt, asking about the family of a girl is probably bound to lead ahead of a very interesting conversation. Asking this, watch for her facial clues and determine her answering tone. Also, be very careful while talking about her family members as this could be a very sensitive topic.

Moreover, gathering more and more information about her family members will assist you to leg up if somehow you are going to end up meeting with them later on.  

Q.no.2: How much do you value having good communication in a close relationship?

If she is the type of girl who expects a lot from her partner to be forthright, then in such a case you should definitely know ahead of time. She will not think you are a cold guy and probably will not like that you keep asking questions from her.

However, if in case she is not good at frequent communication, then you will have to step ahead slowly and give her some space so that she might trust you and get comfortable in talking with you first.  

Q.no.3: Do you prefer living alone or with some roommates?

This is one of the most frequent questions to ask a girl. It will help you know her communication habits as if she talks less or more. Therefore, see if she is a kind of solitary person or the one who enjoys having friends and family around her at home and while hanging out outside.

If she likes to live alone then she may be somehow a quiet person. On the other hand, if she does live with a roommate then she might be a little talkative, and you might be spending a decent and enjoyable time talking with her.

Q.no.4: How do you keep calm the whole day after stressful work hours?

The routine of working women is usually very hectic because they have to manage both the workload of office and home. So sometimes people ask a girl that how she manages all tasks very well is a good way to appreciate her efforts and get some motivation too.

On the other hand, it will give you an idea of how hardworking and career-focused she is. In this way, you will never be the one whom she may be trying to wind down.          

Q.no.5: Have you ever thought of having your own kids?

While asking about a girls’ nephews and nieces, one can smartly ask her about her plans of having her own little family. If she says that she loves children and playing with them, then she might also be having a childish and pure heart. On the other hand, if she doesn’t like to have children and is opposed to them, then you may have a tough time and probably your couple match is not made in heaven.

12 Additional Good Questions to Ask a Girl

Q.no.6: What is your most consistent habit or thing?

Q.no.7: Why is it worth making friendship with you?

Q.no.8: Are you a heart-maker or a heart-breaker?

Q.no.9: What do you like the most? Starter or Dessert?

Q.no.10: Do you like to have coffee or tea while being at work?

Q.no.11: What is the cutest and humblest thing you have ever done?

Q.no.12: Have you been rude or kind to little children?

Q.no.13: What do you like more, daylight or the dark night?

Q.no.14: Which season do you love and why is it so?

Q.no.15: Are you having an inner child alive in you?

Q.no.16: What elevates your mood the most?

Q.no.17: Do you think of yourself as one of the most reliable persons?

16 Random Questions to Ask a Girl

Good Questions to Ask a Girl

No doubt, nothing breaks the silence between a girl and a boy better than a random question. Whether you are looking forward to taking a date with a girl in a spontaneous new direction, or you intend to break the ice with any newly met girl, having a collection of some random collections will let you approach her with full confidence. Those random yet silly questions sometimes prove great in breaking awkward moments’ silence.

The following is a precise list of some random questions to ask girls:

Q.no.1: What is your favorite hobby in your free time?

Almost all of us have some kind of interest or hobby to enjoy and get relaxed in our free time. Girls usually like hobbies like painting, drawing, gardening, doing makeup, reading books, and many more. Ask your girl what she likes the most. Her interest will give you a reflection of her personality.

Q.no.2: Do you love making a collection of anything?

Girls usually have a hobby of collecting different items as a hobby. Such random questions to ask a girl will let you know about her interests and what she liked the most. Also, her collection will show you how much variety she likes to have.

Q.no.3:  Are you an early awakening girl, or do you have to set multiple alarms for getting up?

Ask your girl if she naturally gets up early in the morning, or if she needs to set multiple alarms differing in small time intervals. If she is an early awakener then probably it is a very healthy sign, she must be fit and active though. While on the other hand. If she has a habit of waking up till noon, then maybe you will have to help her way out in making breakfast for her in the near future.

Q.no.4: Do you have any hidden talents?

When it comes to finding out the hidden talents in a girl, the word talent becomes subjective. Now that talent may either be of any kind, there are no hard and fast boundaries regarding it. A girl may know how to juggle or sing, or even play guitar in a closed room where no one else is watching her. If you find out some hidden talent in her, try to give her confidence to make it public. Also, assist her in getting better at it. She will surely like it.

12 Added Random Questions to Ask a Girl

Q.no.5: Which is your favorite way to get relaxed after hectic routine work?

Q.no.6: Do you prefer exercising at home, or going for a walk or gym?

Q.no.7: What type of music inspires you the most?

Q.no.8: What do you like to watch most on tv, drama serials, or movies?

Q.no.9: Which is that one food item without which you can’t live?

Q.no.10: Do you have any tattoos inked on your body?

Q.no.11: What type of person you are, a foodie or the one who is always on diet?

Q.no.12: Do you like going out for adventures?

Q.no.13: Which country do you wish to travel to at least once in your lifetime?

Q.no.14: What is your dream job and how often do you work to have it?

Q.no.15: Are you a pet lover? Which one is your favorite pet?

Q.no.16: Do you like going on hangouts with friends? How often do you go?

16 Deep Questions to Ask a Girl

Deep Questions to Ask a Girl

Are you ready to wax poetic or philosophical about politics or poetry and love? Asking her some kind of deep questions will enhance your connection with her and bring you both closer to each other. In addition to that, it will also give you a better and more elaborate insight into her true inner personality and heart.

The following are the top 5 Deep questions to ask girls:

Q.no.1: Are you a kind of half glass full or half glass empty individual?

Half glass full indicates the positivity and optimism of any person, while half glass empty shows the negativity present in her. However, both are significant factors to consider while evaluating the overall personality of a girl.

You can figure out this by asking a girl a question regarding her worldwide view. If she is an optimist, then you should never miss a chance to be in her community. While negative girls are solely a headache. The choice is all yours after knowing her.

Q.no.2: Are you a spiritual or religious person?

Spirituality and religion are two very sensitive topics to bring up in front of someone, but also it is one of the most important questions to ask girls.

Questioning this, you will find out where she stands and what are her beliefs. This will also help you in a way that you don’t cross her limits and offend or stand up against her beliefs.

So, while asking this, be very careful and respectful. Also, never try to forcefully impose your own beliefs on her.

Q.no.3: Do you have firm future goals or not?

Having psychic will powers and being verily able to foresee your future goals seems a great idea though. And not all individuals have this ability.

If you find a girl confident enough to see a bright future in front of her, then she is a gem one will never want to lose. On the other hand, if she does not have any defined goals and is lazy enough to fulfill her duties and responsibilities, then she may not be good enough for you.  

Q.no.4 Do you stay up-to-date with worldwide news and political updates?

Although politics is one of the most hated and unknown subjects especially in girls, and they aren’t very keen on sharing comments on the news, yet a few girls are very much involved in it

So always be very careful while having any political commentary with her. And if you find out that politics is the cup of tea for her, then she might be an interesting person to talk about modern updates.

12 Supplementary Deep Questions to Ask a Girl

Q.no.5: Where do you escape when you need calmness and peace?

Q.no.6: What often do you write in your personal diary?

Q.no.7: What was the last time when you felt that you are in love with someone?

Q.no.8: Do you easily trust people or take some time to figure them out first?

Q.no.9: What do you consider the most remarkable thing about your personality?

Q.no.10: Which qualities do you wish that your closest friends should have?

Q.no.11: When was the last time when you secretly cried in a bathroom?

Q.no.12: Who is that one person who never fails to put a smile on your face?

Q.no.13: Which romantic proposal you have ever wished to have in your life?

Q.no.14: Can you diligently say that you love and take good care of yourself honestly?

Q.no.15: Which tradition will you like to follow or unfollow at your wedding?

Q.no.16: Which bad memory do you want to permanently erase from your mind?

17 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

Funny Questions to Ask Girls

According to a very famous quote, “Laughter is the closest distance between two people”. Also, some psychological studies have recently revealed that girls are much more inclined than boys who crack silly jokes and try to be funny just to put a smile on their faces. Undoubtedly, nothing is better than a conversation that is somehow beaten up with a free flow and provides numerous opportunities to laugh out harder and louder.

In addition to that, humor and fun always go a long way. Girls usually like a boy with a good sense of humor. Not only because it lifts up their upset mood but also it keeps them lively and cheerful. So, they consider it worth enjoying little moments of their life with such a happy guy.

So, given below are some of the top funny questions to ask girls:

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Q.no.1: What is the most useless talent you possess?

Maybe the answer to this question is quite intuitive for a girl, yet she will have to. For covering this, she might first tell you about her extraordinary talents. First, listen to them carefully and appreciate each one of them well. Still, if she does not tell or says that she has not any useless talent, then don’t insist on her. She might get offended.

Q.no.2: Who is the messiest person you ever know in your surroundings?

Although funny questions to ask a girl are silly, this one is interesting. If she is a cleanliness-loving girl, then she might answer that she finds everyone messy around her. On other hand, if she answers that she really does not know any messy individual around her, then there is a possibility that she might be herself messy.

Q.no.3: What has been the biggest “Oh shit” moment you have ever faced in your life?

No doubt, we all experience such moments in circumstances when we don’t even realize them instantly and then feel shy when pondering on the incident deeply after some time. It is quite interesting to see what types of horrendous events different individuals have faces. However, girls are quite intuitive while answering such incidents.

Q.no.4 What is the dumbest way by which you have ever hurt or injured yourself?

Quite probably most girls may answer this question by saying either cycling or while playing in the playground. While some may either tell you a cringy story of a first-time cooking experience in the kitchen. Whatever it may be, just listen to it. Also, ask her about the injured area. Is it well now?

12 Best Funny Questions to Ask a Girl List

Questions to Ask girls

Q.no.5: What is the weirdest or funniest thing that has ever happened to you on your first date?

Q.no.6: Do you like to sleep with a stuffed toy like a teddy bear?

Q.no.7: If you wish to become any mythical creature, what would it be?

Q.no.8: What had been the funniest thing you ever believed while being a kid?

Q.no.9: Had you ever played with toys playing different family character roles?

Q.no.10: Who has been your celebrity crush and why?

Q.no.11: Which friends would you like to have with you as your bridesmaids?

Q.no.12: Have you ever removed pizza topping before eating it?

Q.no.13: If you get a chance to fly up high above, where would you like to land back?

Q.no.14: Have you ever been in a washroom with a finished toilet paper? What did you do then?

Q.no.15: Had you ever kissed someone in public?

Q.no.16: What if you become a fairy princess for one day, what would you like to do?

16 Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl

In high school, you may have heard about the trick that the key to getting a girl to fall in love with you is to act like you are least interested in her. But in actuality when you need to get in touch with someone special, you have to show her extreme care and love by getting to know and understand her on a very close and personal level. Asking some engaging questions to a girl and getting their replies through will show her how interesting you are finding her on an individual level.  

A few questions to ask girls are as follows:

Q.no.1: What is the biggest lesson that you got to learn from life?

Now, this is more of a serious question to ask a girl, but no doubt it can really be a great conversational beginning. Additionally, you will get to know a lot more about her past experiences such as who was she earlier and how she is now? How did the incident affect and change her life?

Q.no.2: Which life achievement are you proud of?

This unique question is a tremendous way to figure out what a girl finds truly interesting and who she really is. The achievement though can either be as little as crossing a game’s levels, or as big as obtaining extraordinary results or receiving an award.

Q.no.3: What do you think is the best and worst thing about being a girl?

Now, this is surely one of the great questions to ask a girl. Being a girl is no doubt both a blessing as well as a difficult thing. Asking this question will help you know about her reviews about feminism. Also, while sharing the best thing she might feel joyful and the worst thing may not be a big deal near you but surely it will be the worst for her. So just listen to her answer carefully.

Q.no.4: Which thing you would like people to stop asking from you?

At each stage of life, we all have to listen to different questions and taunts again and again. Whether they are concerned about personal things, life circumstances, future goals, family planning, or any more. No one can get rid of them. However, girls are quite intuitive in answering the same irritating questions over and over again. So, ask her what she never wants to get asked.

12 More Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl

Q.no.5: Which one is your favorite inspirational quote?

Q.no.6: Which high close subject or course did you find the most interesting and engaging?

Q.no.7: Are you an avid book lover?

Q.no.8: Which childhood event impacted you the most?

Q.no.9: What is the name of your favorite Tv show?

Q.no.10: Which newspaper or magazine do you read often?

Q.no.11: About which thing do you now wish that you could have cared less about?

Q.no.12: In which do you believe more, fate or free will?

Q.no.13: What do you consider yourself, a boring or an interesting person?

Q.no.14: Are you a health and fitness conscious girl?

Q.no.15: Which song lyrics do you often love to sing?

Q.no.16: What is the most impressive thing near you in this entire universe?

16 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Look, it is really true. Sometimes date questions and conversations get extremely odd and awkward. Especially if you are meeting someone for the very first time and you don’t have any idea about whether the other guy matches you or not. The only way to get through the other one’s personality is by answering the partner’s flirty questions.

Given below are some best questions to ask a girl to see if she likes you. You must know them all in order to avoid getting awkward conversations at all.

Q.no.1: Who was your first crush?

No doubt, almost all of us have a secret crush whether it is a celebrity, class fellow, or a close family member And, especially girls are quite intuitive about that. they do hive their feelings a lot. However, a clear sign that she ever had a crush on anyone is that when a boy questions about the crush, the girl gets shy and her cheeks blush.

Q.no.2: What is your love language?

This is one of the most frequent questions to ask a girl because almost every girl has her own feelings and thoughts about love and its terms. Moreover, asking about her love language is quite a good sign of telling her that you are interested in her. Just notice her words and her facial expressions, they will inform you about her response regarding love.

Q.no.3: What do you think of me when you first saw and met me? How am I to you?

As you may have heard; The first impression is the last impression. So, try to figure out what type of guy your girl found you. Whether she found you irresistibly handsome or someone who is not very attractive? Whether she liked your personality and dressing or not? The answer to these questions will tell you your image in her eyes. However, no matter whatever she answers just quietly admit it.

Q.no.4: What do you notice first about any boy? And what is the sexiest quality about a man near you?

Most girls do notice the boy’s eyes, voice, height, dressing sense, shoes, and especially his muscular body. From this, they get an idea about his overall personality. However, each girl has her own set of priorities and likeness. So, this question will help you out in a way that did she found you attractive or not.

12 Further Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Q.no.5: What do you noticed and liked the most at the first look?

Q.no.6: What do you think the color will suit me the best?

Q.no.7: What kind of flowers and chocolates do you love to have?

Q.no.8: If I ask you to come on a date, where will you like to go?

Q.no.9: Is there anything you will like to get changed in me?

Q.no.10: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Q.no.11: Are you romantic in nature?

Q.no.12: Describe your perspective on an ideal relationship?

Q.no.13: What do you prefer, love or money?

Q.no.14: In which do you believe more, love or destiny?

Q.no.15: What qualities of a boy attract you the most?

Q.no.16: Will you like to be my soulmate ever?

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Conclusion about the best questions to ask a girl

Conversations with girls are not always meant to be quiet, boring, or monologues. However, while talking to girls, don’t ever go on long rants and over-exposure of yourself, girls usually don’t like such boys. Therefore, it is vital to have a healthy back and forth conversation with them having to counter questions and answers.

If you are somehow a shy individual and don’t know how to talk with girls, then this article and all its lists of questions to ask girls will help you as a starting point. Just be careful that you don’t shoot out questions in a row, go on step by step and give a girl proper time to answer each one of your questions.

Readout all the different types of best questions to ask a girl listed above? Which one did you find interesting and which one don’t like much? Do let us know about your reviews by commenting in the below section.

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