A braking failure accident in New Mexico: Who’s to blame?

A braking failure accident in New Mexico

One of the most essential components of driving is having effective brakes on a car or truck. By preventing forward motion, brakes are intended to safely slow down or stop a motor vehicle in traffic or at traffic lights. To avoid severe accidents and casualties, every component of a brake must be in good mechanical condition. Due to the high-speed collisions, accidents brought on by brake failure are disastrous. It’s not always obvious who is to blame for accidents caused by brake failure.

It is advisable to get legal advice and an evaluation of your case from an experienced Albuquerque car accident lawyer after a brake failure accident in order to determine who might be legally responsible for your injuries.

Who Is at Fault in a Motor Vehicle Accident Caused by a Brake Failure?

Liability will need to be determined after a thorough examination of the accident. Your lawyer may decide that one or more of these parties are responsible after compiling convincing evidence in support of that claim:

The car manufacturer or dealership

Depending on the sort of brake problem, both dealers and manufacturers may be at fault. These parties occasionally install and create goods that pose a risk to consumers without making any attempt to disclose potential flaws. If a flaw caused your accident, they might be responsible.

A repair facility or mechanic

It is possible for a mechanic or repair facility to improperly assemble parts in specific situations, which results in a mechanical breakdown and an accident. They could be accused of negligence if this occurs.

An additional driver

Routine brake component replacement is required by the motorist who caused the collision in order to prevent mechanical failure. In accordance with state legislation, vehicles must undergo an annual inspection, and defective brakes are ineligible for inspection. The at-fault driver may be held accountable for the collision if they knew their brakes were bad but did nothing to have them fixed.

Speak to a Failure of the Brake Attorney for Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is best to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney if your brakes failed and you were involved in an accident. We will look into the incident, gather solid proof on your behalf, and argue for your entitlement to the highest amount of compensation.

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