A Comprehensive Guide To DA Application Process

Application Process

Building a new residential project or additional space involves various processes and documentation. And sometimes, the intricacy of these processes can make the entire process overwhelming!

And you might be aware of the fact that for having any kind of development in the NSW (New South Wales), you need to file a Development Application or DA with your Council. 

What exactly is a Development Application? When do you need to file it?

Let’s find out!

Development Application: Introduction

Development Application (DA) is a building application that is submitted to the Council to get permission to carry on a new development or construction. 

Certain things that you will have to file a Development Application (DA) are:

  • Building a new swimming pool or spa pool costing more than $50000
  • Building an extension to your residential structure, e.g. garage, patio renovations.
  • Adding additional rooms in existing dwellings 
  • New dual occupancy/ multi-dwelling residential developments
  • Subdivisions such as granny flat
  • Change of use of a commercial premise

Wait, let us help you understand it. To submit your DA application with the local Council, you’ll need a BASIX certificate

What is a BASIX and NatHERS Certificate?

BASIX Certification aims to reduce power consumption and water use by setting specific sustainability targets.

Structures are surveyed by accredited professionals in the later stages of development to guarantee they are thermal, energy, and water-efficiency of residential structures.

The sustainability concepts of the proposed development are then matched with BASIX standards and regulations laid out for NSW.

A BASIX Certificate is required for all Development Applications.

As a component of the BASIX Certification process, a NatHERS thermal energy certificate is always needed.

This includes running a virtual assessment of your development using the latest thermal presentation software, displaying the structure, room design, direction, window configuration, and building development.

A NatHERS certificate specifically targets the thermal comfort section of BASIX. 

What Are The Phases Involved In The Development Application Or DA Process?

The process of DA can be divided into six steps, they are explained in detail below:

Step 1: Concept Stage

In this stage, you determine what you want with your development and also get a consultation from experienced buildings professionals.

An expert building professional can help you understand all application processes and documents you need to submit during the project phase, from starting till completion and delivery.

Step 2: Prepping-Up your DA

The requirements will vary as per your project and place. Some basic requirements include:

  • Architectural design.
  • Project owner’s consent.
  • A statement of environmental effects.
  • Site study.
  • Site investigation.
  • BASIX compliance Certificate.
  • NatHERS Certificate.
  • Landscape details 
  • Drainage plans
  • Other technical reports.

Step 3: Lodgements

When your DA and BASIX documentation has been all-set, and you have paid the Council expenses, you are prepared to submit it to the Council. 

Council will then look into your application, and if no additional info is required, your DA will be processed for evaluation.

Step 4: Evaluation

Your DA is now fit to be evaluated by a Council Officer. The Officer will evaluate your proposition and may demand some data to finish their examination.

Step 5: Determination

If the Council upholds your DA, you will be granted a consent. Assuming your DA is rejected, you can demand that the Council reviews the determination or file an appeal with the Land & Environment Court.

Step 6: Post Determination

Depending upon the type of development, you might be expected to fulfil certain conditions. This can be done by one or the other Council or a private certifier who has been appointed as your Principal Certifier.

And that’s it, your DA application is complete. However, any mistake or misplacement of documents at any stage might delay your project significantly. With expert building consultants, your can obtain your BASIX certificate and complete your DA application seamlessly.

What Role Does BASIX Certificate Play In DA Application Process?

BASIX (The Building Sustainability Index) was presented as a component of the NSW Government’s 2004 drive to ’empower sustainable development.’ 

The BASIX report and certificate enable the NSW Government to promote sustainable constructions with decreased emission of ozone-depleting substances and water wastage.

A BASIX certificate is mandatory for the development application process in NSW and takes into consideration:

  • Area
  • Orientation
  • Development kind
  • Window size
  • Landscaping
  • Apparatuses used in the building

Moreover, it takes thermal levels into consideration that diminishes energy involved by homes to heat or cool the house to an agreeable level.

Professional services for BASIX certification help you to meet the compliance standards easily and without any costly alteration to your design plan or construction. 

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