A day in the life of an accountant

A day in the life of an accountant

The day in the life of an accountant depends a lot on the environment in which he works, whether it is a company or a firm. But in any case, he spends his time watching the movement of money.

Rigorous And Organized

Rigor, organization and honesty are the first qualities of the accountant: he spends his day handling figures, recording all the financial transactions of his employer, income and expenses, also preparing the annual balance sheets which will be submitted to an accountant. The accountant translates the life of the company into figures. It is not a question of forgetting a VAT line or the recording of an expense report! Guarantor of the accounts of a company or an administration, it is necessary for him to be methodical and autonomous.

Varied Missions

During the day, the accountant’s missions vary a lot depending on his work environment. Thus, in a small business, it will record the financial operations of the company, but also establish the payrolls or the various tax and social declarations, draw up a provisional budget, analyze the balance sheets, etc. In a large company, he forms a team with other colleagues, under the guidance of the chief accountant. The accountant is then specialized, working on the files of customers, suppliers or employees. Finally, in a firm, the accountant manages several client portfolios in his day, made up of traders, craftsmen or liberal professions.

Communication with other professionals and teams

Accountants work on a platoon with one or further other account professionals, which means you’ll need to get opinions and elaboration of your work in specialized account terms, and also have a firm grasp of the generalities related to the account work your associates are performing (whether it’s concentrated on a different area of the business, or another form of counting altogether), so that you can have alignment across the entire account department. 

A Sense Of Relationship

Far from the image of the employee locked in a small office and hidden under a pile of files, the accountant has very frequent relations with clients or company managers. It is therefore also a profession which requires a good sense of human relations. A quality which is also essential for any accountant wishing to progress, in particular towards the position of chief accountant.

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