A Surprise Gift For The Wife’s First Birthday After Marriage

I would like to tell you a story to all the mature women at the shrine! The story of someone or rather the story of someone who wants to surprise her wife on her birthday. So the story revolves around her husband’s superstar, her husband, and our star’s girlfriend, his wife.

So my husband and wife were newly married couples. And when my husband suddenly realized that it was his first birthday after the wedding, he hoped that everything would go perfectly and be the most memorable birthday.

Like all love stories, they did nothing. Her story was written and edited by her parents. They were a very slim and humble couple. Try everything to get it out like every man and woman. To start breaking the ice, her husband decides to plan a wonderful birthday surprise.

As always, he continued to take time and thought he would turn the world over and correct everything and make his wife absolutely happy. So he started planning a birthday gift for husband after marriage to get started.

Part of the project

He planned everything he wanted to do, from start to finish. But there was still suspicion. Is it brand dependent? In a lot of turmoil and brainstorming, she still hesitated about his birthday plan and wasn’t too enthusiastic about doing it.

After getting married, he made all the plans as a surprise present for his wife’s first birthday and wanted to give his wife everything. Everyone! Birthday surprises and birthday gifts for my wife!

But finally, as his birthday approaches, the idea of ​​a surprise gift for his first married wife begins to blur! He celebrated his first birthday after marriage and the way to give his wife a wonderful and wonderful gift was very confusing.

One good day, he discovered a great website and organization called Book Surprise, like an article in shining armor while still confused and confused. Is it a turn to find out exactly what they are doing now? And how do they help him?

She bravely pressed the number that appeared on the screen. There was no answer! He took a deep breath and tried his luck again! She was very pleased to receive the call this time.

The following is what we call the best part of the story. Well, he hardly talked after receiving the call. He was skeptical that the company understood his needs and his main slogan, which he had in mind, was “the first birthday gift for wife after marriage as a surprise gift to his married wife.”

The longest sure scream

After the longest phone call and a few minutes of discussion with the event organizer, she decided to have a surprise birthday party and a present. She returned home comfortably with her heartfelt smile and embarrassing heart.

I was surprised at the guarantee of our planner! The organizer told him, “Teacher, we are the company that hosts the surprise party. He can also organize surprises anytime, anywhere.” The difficulties faced when planning a birthday surprise. This made my wife even more excited.

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