Aim for better Google visibility. What things to consider?

google visibility

Search engine, the first step in multi-user information retrieval. More than 10 billion searches are made in every country on an average every year and information is searched millions of times every day. Where do you start your information search?

According to Top SEO service, search engines strive to provide their searching users with a list of relevant search results. The first search results often list ads that look very similar to natural search results today. Natural or Google organic search results are a list of different webpage content that Google considers to be the most relevant options for a keyword or phrase that a user searches for. Naturally, a business website should get a good place in search engine results, either by influencing natural search results through search engine optimization or by gaining visibility through search engine advertising, the Google Ads * tool (* Google AdWords is now known as Google Ads).

Competition in the search engine is fierce and just ranking in the search engine when searching for a company name is not enough. A website is the home base of a business where customers should find it. Consumers are aware of the different options, know how to use a search engine to search for information, and a comparison is made online before contacting a company. The phrase or question entered by the user into the search engine can be background and information search, the next step is to compare suitable suppliers (websites) and in the most competitive terms, the customer is already clearly looking for a need. The customer has a clear need and is ready to buy if the company’s selection, price and delivery time are competitive. 

How well is your business website found on Google? Take the test and search for the keywords your customers use. Your potential customers aren’t aware of what your business has to offer, so your keywords or phrases won’t include your business name. Are they searching for a product or service by name? With these synonyms? Do you use the same terms in your website content as your customers? Does your website appear in a search engine?


Search engine visibility can be divided into two areas: visibility with paid placements and visibility in natural search results. The order of search results can be influenced by search engine optimization, so that the results are visible over a longer period of time. You get the best search engine visibility by combining these two marketing techniques: When you need more visibility to ensure a good position in the search engine or in the situation where you just opened your website.

The location of the search engine result is affected by e.g.

Contents: Google analyses the content of the website and strives to provide relevant search results to its users. Google values ​​up-to-date and fresh content and adequate text. In the content, you should pay attention to the layout and format of the text. For example, headings (use H1 & H2 style definitions, etc.) tell the search engine about the content of the site. Keywords play an important role in optimizing pages, but the site must also meet the customer’s need for information retrieval.Site reliability: Google analyses the reliability of the site, e.g., because visitors from other websites are redirected there. It is important for a website to have visitors and referrals from other sites (links and so-called backlinks). Links can be used to guide a customer to navigate within a site. 

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