All You Need to Know About MHADA Lottery 2022

MHADA Lottery 2022

What Is MHADA and How Does It Help in Buying Affordable Homes?

The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority, popular as the MHADA, is a flagship housing scheme launched per the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Act of 1976. It is a well-known lottery scheme following which specific housing units get allotted in particular areas every year, especially, for those who fall belong to the middle- and lower-income groups. 

Key objective of MHADA

The MHADA has the responsibility of building residential properties at affordable rates. Per this lottery system, an individual can purchase properties in the sought-after areas of Mumbai at a lower rate than what the private builders have to offer. The housing scheme is extremely advantageous for homebuyers belonging to different income groups, especially the middle- and lower-income groups looking to purchase affordable houses in Mumbai.

Specifications per MHADA

Every year, the MHADA specifies certain housing units for those belonging to the economically weaker groups. The number of units allocated for 2023 is 3000. Out of 3,015 residential units in the Pahadi area, Goregoan, 1,947 residential houses are going to be reserved for the economically weaker sections (EWS). About 730 are going to be allotted to the low-income groups (LIG), 227 to the middle-income groups (MIG), and about 105 to the high-income groups (HIG).

Areas included in MHADA

Only specified areas are included under the MHADA Housing Lottery Scheme. Pune, Solapur, Pimpri-Chinchwad, and Kolhapur are the areas that are covered in this scheme this year.

The cost of purchasing housing units in the regions typically varies between Rs. 15.35 lakhs and Rs.1.42 crore. Even though the rates are cheaper when compared to that of private builders, the real estate specialists state that it is still quite higher and the government must reduce subsidies and taxes.

There are specific processes and eligibility criteria predetermined by the Maharashtra Government to apply for the MHADA. In this article, you will learn more about MHADA, eligibility criteria, step-by-step application, and payment processes.

How to Apply for the MHADA Lottery 

  • MHADA applicants must register on the official site to apply for the MHADA lottery 2022.
  • Aspiring applicants need to create a unique ‘User Name’ to register for the MHADA lottery.
  • In the next step, interested applicants must ‘Select the lottery and scheme’.
  • In the final step, one must complete the online payment through net banking.

MHADA Lottery Eligibility Criteria

For apply MHADA lottery scheme, applicants must fulfill the criteria mentioned here –

  • An applicant must be above the age of 18 years. No application will be accepted in the name of a child.
  • The applicant must possess a domicile certificate.
  • For LIG flats, an applicant is eligible to apply if he/she earns a monthly income of Rs.25,001–Rs.50,000. 
  • For MIG flats, an applicant is eligible to apply if he/she earns a monthly income of Rs.50,001–Rs.75,000. 
  • For HIG flats, an applicant is eligible to apply if he/she earns a monthly income of Rs.75,001 or a figure exceeding it 
  • A valid Pan Card

Registration Fees for MHADA Lottery 2022

Registration Fees for MHADA Lottery 2022
Category nameRegistration fee

Some Additional Information on MHADA

Can MHADA flats be canceled?

Changes and cancellations are not allowed. Refunds initiated are going to be credited to the card/account from where the transaction had been initiated.

How do successful candidates get the flat?

When the MHADA lottery is declared, successful applicants receive an intimation letter per which the applicant needs to submit documents asked for in the letter. The MHADA, based on those documents fixes applicant eligibility.

What are MHADA norms for couples?

A couple has the freedom to apply separately and in more than one code number on certain terms and conditions. The couple has to declare their respective earnings in the application forms. If the wife is not earning then, she can apply independently by declaring her husband’s income.

But if both the wife and husband get selected in the lottery at both places, they can be allotted only one flat from that MHADA lottery. The MHADA applicant has to surrender one of the flats to the Authority. Else, the authority will either take it back or confiscate the property allotted. They may sue the applicant per procedure legally.

How to check the MHADA Lottery result?

Visit the web portal of the MHADA, the details of the result will reflect on the screen. You can also check results and waiting lists per scheme.


Some of the MHADA lottery documents are mentioned below. Applicants must keep these handy

  • Aadhaar
  • Pan
  • Domicile certificate
  • Driving license.
  • Voter ID
  • School leaving certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport

To know more about the scheme, you can visit the official website or get in touch with us.

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