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Whatsapp bot

Did you know that every day, 175 million people use WhatsApp Business to chat a business account? There would still be 175 communications every even if your business addresses a portion of 0.0001 per cent of these messages. If you want to provide each customer the attention they require and quickly resolve their problems, you will have to deal with enquiries, questions and complaints. A whatsapp bot is good in this situation. Your firm can benefit from the automated tool in many different ways improving customer service.

A WhatsApp bot: what is it?

A chatbot for chat robot, is an artificial intelligence (AI) programme that can mimic human conversations by imitating their communication style. It communicates with users using various messaging services, websites, mobile applications, or telephone.

On digital platforms, including Facebook Messenger and website chat, bots are well-established, but they are still relatively new on WhatsApp. The prospect of the app’s global popularity declining due to commercial use invading the personal sphere conflicts with the app’s original intent. New capabilities for corporate communication have slowly added to WhatsApp since the debut of WhatsApp Business in 2018.

The whatsapp bot, and third-party chatbot providers can integrate. To guarantee the appropriate use of chatbots and prevent some limitations have put in place:

  • Only the WhatsApp Business API offers chatbots.
  • Customers must start the WhatsApp chat with a company.
  • Only responses made inside the 24-hour “customer service Window” are permitted to be handled by chatbots.
  • There must be a direct escalation path from chatbot to person.

Why ought companies to utilise WhatsApp?

Most people first experienced text-based chatbots when businesses began to use them on Facebook, in the Meta Messenger app. The conversational bots have, however, spread to additional messaging services and platforms in the interim in website chatbot. Given WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers worldwide, several businesses have begun implementing website chatbot to enhance client communication.

Why just WhatsApp specifically? Because it’s currently one of the most popular messengers in the world! Every day, more than 100 billion messages are sent on messengers worldwide. Customers must meet on their preferred communication channel if firms are to connect with them. And frequently, WhatsApp is that! The following are some uses of the messenger in businesses:

Number of users:

Even if you don’t use WhatsApp, your consumers probably do since it has more than two billion users globally.

Target audience:

In addition to teenagers, more than two-thirds of seniors use a messaging app.


Using WhatsApp, your business may respond to client enquiries on average 60% faster than by phone or email.


Companies use phone, email, and SMS as their primary customer communication tools. However, 61% of today’s clients prefer to communicate with them via messaging apps like WhatsApp.


Customers prefer to communicate with businesses using WhatsApp in close 50% of cases. More than 65% of internet buyers seek support and guidance via WhatsApp!


You won’t have to shell out cash on pricey call centres and outdated CRM systems when you can communicate with your customers using WhatsApp!

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