How Pricing of Amazing Charts EMR Works?

Amazing Charts EMR Works

Highlighting and explaining the features of EHR tools is what people usually do while writing articles about EMR vendors. But in doing so, they don’t value the price tag of solutions which creates a massive problem afterward. Instead, providers undergo the list of features and specifications and give EMR vendors a go just by reading the vendor is affordably priced, which is not even remotely right.

This is why we have decided to share the pricing details of the world’s most comprehensive healthcare EMR solution, Amazing Charts, with you. We hope our little effort for letting you in on the pricing details of Amazing Charts EMR will help you in the long run. Because, as far as we know, the price tag matters a lot. It defines whether a healthcare system is rightly priced, overpriced, or underpriced. And this illustrates whether or not the EMR system is worth-investing.

Amazing Charts Pricing:

Prime Packages of Amazing Charts EMR

Electronic Health Records

As you know, the EHR solution of Amazing Charts is fully explained in its demo. It is rightly priced and offers both monthly and annual subscription plans. This affordable EHR solution includes an array of services such as e-prescription, charting, messaging, reporting, and billing. Adding to it, the vendor offers a patient portal, customizable charts, patient scheduling, and ongoing remote access to US-based support personnel.

With all these services, the pricing of this Amazing Charts package is just $199 per month per clinician. What adds to its worth is the ability to transition from any other EHR with full data protection. There’s also an option for scheduling a consultation to see how the system fits your needs and which subscription plan you should go for. The best thing about it is this EHR solution is relatively easy to learn and practice and doesn’t require IT support.

Practice Management:

The practice management solution by Amazing Charts is also detailedly explained in its demo video. It is to let people know what they are getting charged for. Intuitive yet reliable features back the CareTracker practice management solution. The essential services covered by this solution are identifying coding errors, claims submission, running eligibility checks, viewing unpaid claims, and managing payment balances.

Additionally, it comes with an intelligent role-based dashboard, a reporting tool, and US-based support. All its services are inclined at making it easier for front desk managers to handle the administrative task. And for all these services, the CareTracker practice Management charges nothing more than $299 per month per clinician. This amount is what all care professionals are eager to pay for gaining visibility into their accounts receivables and more.

Additional Services:

The price of all additional services of Amazing Charts EMR depends on the volume and need of medical practices. So, there’s not an official price listed on the vendor’s official page. Amazing Charts EMR isbest emr for ophthalmology. However, here are the basic details of the additional services of Amazing Charts EMR:

Population Health

Track the quality of the patient care services provided and reduce the care gaps for attaining better clinical outcomes with the population health service of Amazing Charts. It includes:

  • Clinical Quality Measures
  •  Patient Care Gaps
  •  Chronic Care Management
  •  Patient Engagement

Medical Billing

Enhance your clinical reimbursements with effective bills and claims handling and reduce the follow-up time without disrupting your workflow. Here’s what this service offers:

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Claim Analysis
  • Extensive Follow-Up

Remote Care

Provide a virtual interaction facility to your patients through a secure interface and allow for meaningful two-way interaction. Keep track of all patient activities using the following features:

  • Telehealth
  • Virtual Preventative Care
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Care Coordination

Other Add-on Facilities:

This is the list of additional features you can resort to boost your medical practice’s efficiency. The ultimate goal of all these features is to make clinical tasks simpler and more manageable for you. You can get a hint of how these services work by watching the on-demand webinars or by scheduling a demo with Amazing Charts. Also, if you are not sure whether you really need these features, the consultation team of the vendor is here to guide you.

  • Smart Analytics
  • Identify Care Gaps
  • Backup your Data
  • Patient Payments
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Speech Recognition
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Patient Engagement

Understanding If Amazing Charts Value Its Price Through Reviews:

We don’t recommend making a commitment to any healthcare solution just after learning about its official pricing plans. Because everything listed on the webpage of Amazing Charts EMR is not free of biasedness. So, to look at the bigger picture, it’s better to look at Amazing Charts’ reviews. They will allow you to have a definitive look at the vendor by presenting you with actual facts and figures.

But, here, we will just see what users say about Amazing Charts Pricing. To begin with, most of this system’s users say that all its pricing plans are budget-friendly, and its 28-day free trial is proof of that. Then they say the vendor is relatively less pricey than the other health records solutions. The system’s all-inclusive nature backs this claim. The range of features it offers at $199 is unbeatable by all other EMR systems.

Final Words:

This article shows that the price tag is not just a number but a full-fledged concept that helps practices go through the services of EHR vendors in a quick glance. We hope this analysis of Amazing Charts pricing will enable you to make a wise decision for your practice. It is not appropriate to choose an EMR solution at the expense of your financial stability. Also, before going for it, do schedule a demo with Amazing Charts to understand its clinical operations. If you have any particulars, that’s understandable. But we recommend you go through its cost structure before making an investment decision. It will enable you to make a decision that’s worth every single penny. Then, follow the same process, look into the details of the cost plans, and see what the EHR reviews state as we did with Amazing Charts. By doing so, you will be halfway through the investment process.

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