Argumentative Resources for Your College Paper


If you are a student and your university has asked you to write an argumentative text and if you are curious about what argumentative resources are used, you have come to the right place.

As the term indicates, argumentative resources are tools that serve as support to reinforce an author’s opinion in an argumentative text. We will now go deeper into this concept so that you can better understand and identify this type of linguistic tool.

First of all, you should know that there are different types of argumentative resources that you can use in an argument to support your position. One of the most common examples of argumentative resources is an exemplification, citation of authority, and statistical data.

What is an argumentative text?

An argumentative text is a type of written text in which the author discusses a particular topic and states his opinion using argumentative devices to persuade the reader of his position. Many students find it quite difficult to write such papers. Fortunately, now you can easily buy argumentative essay online and not worry about your grade.

The usefulness of argumentative papers

It is common in schools to encourage the reading and writing of argumentative texts. This is because argumentation is a discursive tool that can be used in many areas of life, not only in writing. For example, in an oral debate, in a dialogue, discussion, or exchange with someone, in a job interview, in defense of a university paper, etc.

Discursive strategies allow a person to perform better orally and in writing. Likewise, all the tools and resources we explain help people to express what they want to say more precisely, and, finally, they also help to exercise cognitive skills.

Types of argumentative resources

During your time at university, you will work on academic writing by doing projects of all kinds. Monographs, essays, and articles, among other types of formats. The argumentative text is one of the most required by teachers because it allows students to practice the exercise of developing their own thinking about a particular topic and support it with valid arguments.

This is why linguistic tools such as argumentative resources are key for you to successfully advance in college, no matter what career you study.

Rhetorical question

It is a figure of speech also known as “erotesis” or rhetorical interrogation. The rhetorical question does not expect to obtain an answer, since the answer itself is implicit in the question. The ultimate goal of this linguistic device is to persuade the reader of a particular position. This type of argumentative resource functions as an assertion, a suggestion that tries to make the reader reflect on the author’s point of view.


Possibly you know what an analogy is or have a minimal notion of it. It is generally used as a synonym for “comparison” when an attempt is made to make a subject, object, or situation known by establishing similarities with something that is already known.

Citation of authority

A quotation of authority is an argumentative resource that uses the opinion of a specialist in the subject in question to reinforce the author’s opinion and persuade the reader of the arguments presented.

Statistical data

In an argumentative text, statistical data serve to exemplify and support with verifiable and reliable information what is being said about a specific topic.

Example and counterexample

Examples and counterexamples are argumentative resources that aim to demonstrate that a hypothesis is true or false.


In this case, an attempt is made to demonstrate a particular situation by comparing it with general facts to expose the similarities.


Now you know what can help you when writing an argumentative essay or thesis statement. Remember that, as with any academic work, it is important to choose an area of study that appeals to you so that you can succeed in the argument. Also, if you are to write an argumentative text for a university presentation, it is important that you practice this type of writing.

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