Artificial Intelligence: What Is It, How Does It Work and What Is It Used For?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been gaining popularity over the last few years because of its innovations in the technological field. Machines and software are becoming more relevant at present due to the automation of industries and the overwhelming presence of software. In general terms, artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to behave like human beings.

The fact that machines can think and reason on their own may be the most important advance in technology in recent centuries, but it also represents a real danger to humanity.

Given that we do not know the limits of artificial intelligence, this begs the question “What Is It, How Does It Work, and What Is It Used?”

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

There is no universally accepted definition of artificial intelligence. First, it is a new, evolving, and experimental science. Secondly, we cannot even define exactly what human intelligence is.

The typical definition of artificial intelligence is the attempt to mimic human intelligence or replicate the same capacities as people by using robots or software. Nonetheless, this meaning can be vague because computer scientists Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig divide artificial intelligence into 4 categories.

  • Systems That Think Like Humans: They are in charge of automating activities such as learning, decision-making, and problem-solving. One striking example is artificial neural networks.
  • Systems That Act Like Humans: These are computers that do tasks similar to people. This is the case with robots.
  • Systems That Think Rationally: They attempt to imitate the rational thinking of humans. Expert systems fall into this group.
  • Systems That Act Rationally: These intend to rationally reproduce human behavior. Intelligent agents make up this category.

How Does It Work?

Artificial intelligence works by combining large amounts of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms. This allows the software to automatically learn from features and patterns in the data. AI is a vast field of study consisting of different methods and technologies.

Machine Learning

This method automates the construction of analytical models. According to machine learning, systems are able to identify patterns, learn from data, and decide with little human help.

Deep Learning

Deep learning trains a computer to perform tasks as humans do. These include image identification, speech recognition, and making predictions.

Neural network

It is based on the human brain and is a network of neurons through which information is transmitted. Neural network processes information in response to external inputs.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing aims for human-like interaction with machines. The ultimate goal is for a machine to emulate human processes through the ability to interpret pictures and speech and then speak coherently in response.

Computer Vision

This technology recognizes what is in an image or video. When machines can process, analyze and understand images, they can capture images or videos in real-time and interpret their surroundings.

Natural Language Processing

Also called NLP, it helps computers understand, interpret and manipulate human language. The idea of NLP is to bridge the gap between human communication and computer understanding.

What Is It Used?

Artificial intelligence has a wide range of uses.

Facial Recognition

This technology is capable of identifying a subject through an image, video, or any audiovisual material of the person’s face.

Personal Digital Assistant

The clearest example is the smartphone as they use AI to answer questions, give recommendations, and help organize their owners’ routines.


Artificial intelligence gives personalized recommendations and analyses shopping options for a potential customer. AI will also improve inventory management and site layout.

Search engines

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing learn from the data provided by their users to deliver related search results.

Translators and Writing Software

Language translators rely on artificial intelligence to be able to translate. The most famous is Google translator. On the other hand, writing software is not as popular as online translators, but it also makes use of AI in order to function properly. There are different AI writing software of excellent quality.


Artificial intelligence improves the speed, accuracy, and effectiveness of banks and financial entities. AI makes it possible to identify which transactions may be fraudulent, adopt fast and accurate credit assessment, and automate data management tasks.

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