Asif Ali Gohar Is Looking for Rice Farmers and Manufacturing Partners in Pakistan for His Vegan Leather Company

Asif Ali Gohar is a Pakistani entrepreneur who has recently launched a vegan leather company. Right now, he’s looking for a few farmers and manufacturing partners in Pakistan to go into business with him.

He’s currently looking for rice farmers to work with him. The rice is made into leather. The leather is vegan, which means that it doesn’t come from animals. Pakistan is the 10th largest rice producer globally, and it produces 8% of the rice eaten globally.

Pakistan has a rich history of leather making

Asif lives in Germany today, but he’s from Karachi, Pakistan. Asif moved to Hamburg at the age of 12 with his parents. He was going to school there and stumbled across the idea of making leather from plants. However, it wasn’t until he was studying in university that he decided to take the idea of making vegan leather and turn it into reality.

Listen up if you’re a rice farmer

Your rice is needed to make the leather. When Asif first started, he was unable to find enough rice farmers to work with him. Likewise, he couldn’t find people willing to understand his vision of creating vegan leather from rice. But now, after overcoming many obstacles, he’s able to work with farmers.

If you are a rice farmer and you’re interested in working with Asif, he’s looking for farmers who can produce rice on a large scale. To learn more about his company and what he’s looking for exactly, please contact him as soon as possible.

He is teaming up with manufacturers in Pakistan!

Asif is also looking for manufacturing partners in Pakistan to work with him to create vegan leather. The raw material he’s looking for includes rice, and the finished product is called grain leather. The grain leather is made from rice and other plant ingredients, and it produces a flexible, washable fabric. Vegan leather is made like any other type of leather.

If you want in on the ground floor of this money-making opportunity, now is the time to get in touch with Asif. Working with him is a chance to become part of making history, and it’s a chance to start an industry in Pakistan.

A desire to help humanity to become cruelty-free is what drives Asif

Vegan leather doesn’t contain any animal byproducts. Asif decided to go vegan when he was just 15 years old. This is because he wanted to help animals. Working on this vegan leather project has filled his heart with joy, and he wants to continue helping animals.

No animal should be used for food or a source of leather. Why should it be when there are more than enough alternatives that already exist?

Contact Asif Ali Gohar right now

If you’re a rice farmer in Pakistan and you’re interested in participating in this vegan leather company, please contact Asif Ali Gohar as soon as possible. If you currently operate a factory, he needs your assistance.

If you’re a vegan or someone who wants to improve people’s lives in Pakistan, now is the time to take action. Asif Ali Gohar is a man on a mission, and his mission is to help those where he grew up and end animal cruelty any way he can.

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