Backlink Monitoring: How To Easily Track Your Existing Link?

SEO professionals need to monitor backlinks. This tool will give you all the information you need about your backlinks.

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Rankings can be influenced by backlinks, which are the backbone and most important part of SEO. Good backlinks take a lot of effort and time.

SEO professionals face one of the most difficult problems: keeping control over your backlinks. Have you ever wondered where your backlinks went or why they aren’t impacting your rankings in the way that you expected?

Backlink monitoring is an important SEO task that can sometimes get overlooked by SEO professionals and marketers.

Let’s find out why Linkascope backlinks monitoring tools are so important and what you can do to keep track of your backlinks.

‘Nofollow’ and Other Unauthorized Modifications to Your Backlinks

A couple of years ago you got a link from a major media publication. But then, they changed their website and your earned link was lost.

Backlink Profiling At Its Best

Evaluating your backlinks takes effort and time. You also need to switch between several tools to do it.

You can however easily check if the links you have are working or not by using SE Ranking’s Backlinks Monitor. Simply import data from Search Console via CSV file, or enter the URL list in the text box.

You will receive a detailed analysis that is based on these parameters.

  • Alexa rating
  • Moz Domain Authority
  • There are many external links
  • Anchors
  • Google will index the backlink source.
  • Number of Facebook Likes
  • Google shares
  • Tweets

You can find out more about it!

The High-Rate Filter Options Provide All The Parameters.

You can also integrate Search Console with SE Rankings Backlinks Monitoring to get a comprehensive overview of all your backlinks. This will allow you to monitor their growth, find new backlinks to your page, the parameters of backlinks, and detect if your websites have been spammed.

Easy And Quick Backlink Management

SEO Can Be Tremendously Helped By Backlinks

You can prevent disaster by finding links that could pose a risk to your link profile’s health and deleting bad links before Google notices.

Once you receive a new link every day, SE Ranking allows you to customize and send reports by email. You might get links from spammy websites, such as gambling or adult sites. This tool will help you manage your brand’s reputation by identifying these links.

You can react immediately to Google’s manual actions by monitoring the links. You can use the disavow tool provided by SE Ranking to mark any links that you wish Google to ignore and create a disavow document. This will prevent you from being penalized by a search engine.

Monitor Anchor Text

It is important to not only monitor where your links are coming in but also how the different anchor texts are distributed within your backlink profile. Unnatural links can result in Google penalties. A natural link profile may include multiple types of anchor text such as your brand name, “click here”, etc.

SE Ranking allows you to effectively monitor and manage the distributions of anchors to protect your website against being too heavily weighted towards exact-keyword hyperlinks that could lead to your site being penalized.

Other Less Obvious But Equally Useful Solutions

Check backlinks that are indexed and not indexed: A cool feature is SE Ranking. It shows how many backlinks are available in the Google index.

Tag your backlinks this is useful for agencies to tag and filter backlinks based on their source. This allows you to track the activities of your employees by identifying who and where they got this backlink.

No matter how you got the backlink, it is important to understand what is happening and to react quickly (if necessary).

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