Benefits of living in a hostel in Delhi

hostel in Delhi

Delhi is known as one of the liveliest cities in the country where youngsters from all over come for job purposes or an education. The city has a lot to offer to everyone no matter if you are a traveller or are going there to stay. From old Delhi to New Delhi, those who live here fall in love with the city easily. The food, life and everything about the place are so energetic that you feel that life has gained a pace. 

What is a hostel?

A hostel is a place where people come and live together. They are given rooms to live in. You can book a separate room or look for a room that can be used on a sharing basis. This means that you can have a roommate to live with you. The single rooms are expensive, and the shared ones cost low. However, there is no difference in the facilities offered in the hostels. Let’s have a look at why more and more youngsters love to move out and live in a hostel. 

Want to look for a comfortable place to live and enjoy the city, then living in a PG is the best option. However, there are endless benefits of living in a paying guest facility. Let’s move on and have a look at how life in a paying guest facility make you enjoy your stay in Delhi to the core:


The first thing that comes to mind when looking for accommodation is whether it is affordable or not. Renting a flat might cost you a lot as you need to arrange a security deposit and also buy furniture. All these things pile up and increase the overall expenses. But a paying guest facility will provide you with everything. Your room will have all the important things that you need to live. Renting a house also requires a lot of things like documents, verifications and a landlord, but when you plan to live in a hostel, there is no need to arrange for police verification or documents. You can simply pay the fees and move in to your room. 

Endless facilities

The next thing that people love about living in hostels in delhi is that it gives you a place to live and offers additional facilities. You can enjoy meals that are cooked fresh and also avail of laundry. There are a lot of PGs that also offer free wifi facilities. Some hostels also have reading areas and rooms to watch television. You can spend your time watching movies or listening to songs as you enjoy your meals. 

Helps in connecting to new people

When you move to a new city, there are a lot of things that you do not know about it. This leads to a need for a friend. Living in a hostel helps you connect with different people who live together and share their experiences. It is a home away from your own that makes you independent and confident as a person. 


You are moving out of your home and going to live in a new city; this will obviously make your parents feel scared and concerned. Living in a student hostel in delhi will give them relief because of the security these accommodations offer. There is a guard at the entrance, and you also have to follow the rules that make it a happy and secure place to live in. 

Exciting routings

The hostels are known to offer exciting routines. There are yoga sessions in Zumba classes, and the students living there also enjoy coffee times and music sessions. This gives a boost of energy and also makes you enjoy a positive aura all around. 


The hostels that are made for the students are always near the colleges. This makes it easy for them to travel and saves a lot of time. Also, there is public transport available so that you can reach your classes on time. 


The life of a hostel is considered to be completely different from the one that you live in. It makes you enjoy your life in an independent manner but also makes you a lot more disciplined. The students living in the hostels have to follow some rules and regulations. You can sleep as much as you want, and there is no one to wake you up.

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