Benefits Of Purchasing Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds

We know the traditional way of buying diamond jewelry; an ordinary jewelry store, shop windows sparkling with rings, a sit-down conversation with a sales assistant, and leaving with an engagement ring in an hour. The Internet has changed the buying habits of diamonds, and jewelry buying benefits buyers. One of these achievements is choosing loose diamonds from a vast assortment and complementing them with a beautiful setting. This guide highlights the benefits of buying loose diamonds wholesale and our top tips to make your purchase more enjoyable.

What is a loose diamond?

A loose diamond is a diamond that can be purchased separately, that is, without suspension. Loose diamonds are often bought for wedding rings or other diamond jewelry, but some prefer to buy loose diamonds for investment intentions. Loose diamonds are sold out to clients in a cut and polished way. Some websites sell rough or “raw” diamonds, but these are usually designed to keep raw diamonds as a popular style item.

The benefits of buying loose diamonds:

The benefit of the old school, brick and mortar process of buying an engagement ring in a set is that it provides instant gratification. This perk far outweighs the benefits of buying loose diamonds.

Colour and Clarity: It can be challenging to check the accuracy of a pre-set diamond. Typically, settings hide the appearance of entries; while there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s better to know precisely what you’re buying off rather than have a nasty surprise if you decide to dump a diamond. Similarly, metallic tones such as yellow gold and rose make a diamond look white. The seller will not show you any of these errors.

Cut: You can use the Heart and Arrow Viewers and the Ideal Scope indicators to check the cut quality of a diamond. These tools cannot be effectively used on an embedded diamond, so the buyer must rely on their own eyes and the diamond’s certification – nothing will give a complete picture of the quality of the cut. Leading online retailers offer ASET, Idealscope and Hearts and Arrows images for buying loose diamonds online, giving you a complete and accurate picture of cutting and easy quality craft.

Choice: Each diamond is unique. If you visit a jewelry store or buy a ring with a pre-set diamond online, the manufacturer has already selected that diamond for the program. You might fall in love with a beautiful ring only to find an average diamond below the required colour/clarity/cut range. This may lead to dismissal. Preferring a loose diamond gives you complete freedom to select specific quality characteristics and choose from thousands of settings to create a flawless engagement ring. You can also buy a single diamond to propose and let your partner choose the setting.

Price: The ability to refine and customize loose diamond search options allows you to work harder on your budget. Unlike a pre-set ring that sells at the total cost, choosing a diamond in a cut and different setting will let you see where your money is being spent.

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