Core Benefits of Using Dog Handlers for the Security of Dogs:

Security Dog Handlers Essex

Security Dog Handlers Essex:

If you’re seeking out the very first-rate safety dog offerings, you need 1st Nationwide Security Security Dog Handlers Essex. Whether it’s security for a specific time or premises that wish continuous protection, we’ll use our specialist know-how and insights to help save you from becoming a victim of crime.

We provide quality offerings directly to both public and private organisations, and we’re regularly referred to as upon for our understanding to help more prominent security firms who don’t have the special dog handling enjoy that we’ve got. We can assure consequences because we employ the best-skilled shield and round dogs.

All our staff are certified to the new standards, and our elite groups constantly offer a professional and admirable provider. We’re professionals in what we do, so tell us your security issues, and we’ll propose pleasant options for you.

With an across the clock alarm reaction crew, ultimately licensed expert dog handlers and dogs skilled in obedience, shield protection, sleeve canvases and tracking, Lockdown can meet all your needs and assist ensure the security of your business.

Our dogs cover all forms of safety assignments; a well-skilled safety canine group may be the closing deterrent and value-effective and might regularly update several static guards or supplement your present crew as an equal opportunity.

Employers are capable of providing a workforce of both male and female gender and different ethnic and non-secular backgrounds. This has enabled us to provide the right team for each contract.

Benefits to the usage of Dog handler security.

Security Dog Handlers Essex refers to having safety professionals present who are exceptionally skilled to shield you, your commercial enterprise and your events inside the only way through the means of searching people, vehicles and belongings with the assist of surprisingly educated protection dogs.

As well as engaging in searches, dog handler safety guards and the dogs they work with are very effective deterrents for all criminals and their activities. The mere presence of safety dogs can suggest that you could reduce the variety of security guards required for plenty of unique premises, as the indeed marketed presence of dogs is frequently sufficient to deter intruders.

Effective Security Dog Handlers Essex can protect business, commercial and retail premises across the UK, along with digital, uniformed and physical security features wherein vital. But regarding the usage of security dogs as a method of safety for your property or premises, what can they offer you over another manner of protection?

Security Dog Handlers Essex
Security Dog Handlers Essex


It doesn’t rely on what it’s far you are protecting your home from; it may be stopping squatters from occupying your vacant property, you’ll be defensive a complete warehouse of goods, a remoted industrial property from burglary or preserving crowd manage at a public event, safety guards with dogs are all skilled to deal with all of those conditions.

Having dogs could be very effective as lone security protect may find themselves outnumbered in certain instances.

They also offer a degree of protection to your protection guards as correctly, who will set up an excellent operating courting with their dog. This level of acceptance as accurate between the handlers and the safety dogs is essential; that is why there’s such exceptional significance on training dog handlers and their doggies.


There is a positive effect on the pure visibility of uniformed security guards coupled with professional dog handlers and their dogs. It complements the feel of security as it acts as a heavy deterrence to devote crime on your own home or at an event.

1st Nationwide Security can lessen the want for more than one safety guard in a single region. In this approach, you may spread out your guards extra efficaciously.


Using animals for growth protection isn’t a new concept, and people have depended on wolves and other animals for safety because of the sunrise of civilization. Animals, particularly dogs, have a wonderful experience of scent, sharp hearing and brilliant orientation talents.

This makes dogs the right animal to supplement security guards in their activity. In maximum cases, the Security Dog Handlers Essex might be alerted while surprising hobby has been observed by way of the dog, long before any CCTV could have picked it up, if in any respect. 1st Nationwide Security Specialists can provide security dogs and handlers at short notice or on a contract foundation.

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