Best bachelor party destinations

Best bachelor party destinations

EVG (bachelor party) is always a moment of madness to live with friends; the opportunity to party as it should be! Here are the best bachelor party destinations to make the most of it.



Impossible to miss one of the most festive bachelor party destinations in the world! Phuket brings together all the ingredients of the ideal cocktail for a successful stag do: nightclubs galore, lounge bars or downright more festive, sun and beach for relaxation… all in one of the most beautiful spots in Thailand.

2. Vegas


Radical change of style and “Sin City” destination . The “city of sin” bears its name terribly well! Temptations and unbridled parties are numerous here between casinos, strip clubs and nightclubs. In short, a perfect stag bachelor party destination! But shhhhh…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…



Here is one of our favorites! Destination Budapest the magnificent has everything to please friends who have come to celebrate their best friend’s stag do : clubs and open-air bars with a crazy atmosphere, the possibility of showing off in a huge limousine, thermal baths to make it easy sweet… And accessible prices as a bonus!

4. Barcelona


The Catalan capital is a timeless spot for a stag do ! Fiesta and playa will be on the program in this modern, trendy and laid-back city. There’s no shortage of trendy bars or huge nights out in clubs, whether in the Gothic quarter or near the Olympic Port…because Barcelona remains one of the most festive bachelor party destinations in Europe.

5. Cancun


Immerse yourself in the madness of Cancun for a stag that lives up to your expectations. A few hours of flight to reach your destination will not be too much to rest on the return because your stay there will not leave you any respite! You won’t know where to turn because Cancun is full of crazy bars and clubs. Rap, afro, rock, electro… Cancun is the queen of the bachelor party!

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6. Dublin, Ireland


The city of beer par excellence! Dublin also keeps this typical Celtic atmosphere, mysterious and goliardic at the same time. A respectable destination for a bachelor party with an undeniable alcohol content ! If the groom likes blondes, reds and darks (and in this case, we’re not just talking about women), you’ll be spoiled for choice! Many pubs are waiting for you to drink , stay up late , make jokes of questionable taste and have fun between men. A visit to the Guinness Factory. Here you can discover its origins, its creation and its evolution. Of course, you can buy gadgets in the store at the end of your visit. Dublin is not only famous for its beer. The Irish capital is also famous for the Jameson Distillery . So why not try an excellent whiskey? On Sunday afternoons, if you’re not yet engrossed in the hangover (or hangover) from your weekend of fun, you can catch an enjoyable rugby match at the Aviva Stadium . In short, Dublin is a city suitable for real men! What do you think?

7. Bucharest

A real destination for groups of adventurers, those who have already traveled quite a bit to the four corners of Europe. Bucharest is not really a tourist town, the architecture is far from pleasing to everyone, there are few flights, the journeys are long… Yes but here we are, we are a bit at the end of the old continent and it t is for many a real change of scenery. With a bit of curiosity, we discover all the charms of the city: an incredible clubbing culture (Bucharest is undoubtedly home to the best clubs in Europe), interesting local gastronomy, impeccable service, a city steeped in history ( the Communism Tour activity allows you to discover the key monuments in a Lada with a guide/driver), huge parks in the city center, very mild weather from the first days of April… Bucharest is an unusual bachelor party destination for a stag do, reserved for insiders, real clubbers and the most curious! It is the favorite destination of the founders of the Crazy-Voyages agency.

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8. Amsterdam


For some of us, stag does essentially rhyme with drinking and excess, a classic in itself. Perhaps too much one could say! So why not add a touch of originality to make it more entertaining? Nothing better for that than the superb city with the canals, Amsterdam, the sulfurous and crazy. This reputation makes bachelor party destinations of choice for young people and in particular the French. That’s not all, it has a fine selection of bars and pubs, allowing you to discover a nice and wide selection of the best beers on the continent. We are of course talking about Belgian, German, British, Irish and… Dutch beers!

“This city has a tenacious and sulfurous reputation with young people, obviously the French are no exception. Moreover, Amsterdam is not far from Paris , the Frenchies love it.

9. Barcelona


If we conceive the perfect stag party as a compromise between sun and endless party, Barcelona is a place to be privileged. Cosmopolitan and dynamic city, it has a rich heritage, as much architectural as historical or cultural. Barcelona is the city that never sleeps: Catalans dine late, drink late and go out very late. On weekends, you shouldn’t be surprised to find discotheques still empty until 1 am or 2 am, however they often open until 6 am. It is very popular with young people for these reputedly festive and convivial evenings. Let’s not forget either its ubiquitous Mediterranean gastronomy, its many parks, its hill of Montjuïc which overlooks the city and its beaches located a stone’s throw from the city center.

“The French like it a lot because it’s not very far and there’s the sun”



If there is one city on the old continent that continues to be as attractive as ever, it is Berlin. It is one of the youngest and most creative capitals in Europe. In addition, it enjoys a certain cultural mix that makes its identity, thus totally influencing the image of the city. Thus, architectures from the past, present and futurists have been side by side and superimposed for a long time. Whenever we think of Germany, one of its specialties is beer, and at an affordable price too. You will surely be served it in very special and green places in Berlin, the “Biergarten”, literally the beer gardens. These iconic spots in the German capital are quaint open-air pubs.

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