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Selecting the best email address is essential as it will represent your company or you in various ways.

Finding excellent email addresses for your email is extremely difficult these days since most names for email are used. Today, I will share with you some possible name for email and help you choose an ideal email address for your business or personal. If you have a domain or website, finding an email address of your choice is simple such as

If you run a company, you should possess a website or a hosting email service. If not, then test Google GSuite. GSuite allows you to set up an email address unique to your domain name without any web-based. The name you choose for your company is likely unique. Thus, obtaining an email using your company’s name in Gmail and Outlook is simple.

If you’re using your domain, there’s no need to be concerned. Check out the following example.


Try Adding Location

If your business is globally-based or your company is specific to a particular country, adding a location to your email address is a perfect idea. Consider the following combinations:


 Try Adding Designation:

Suppose you’re managing an organization and want to have various emails for your department, company and employees. In that case, creating the proper designation for your email is a perfect idea.

For example:


Do not use numbers in your business email:

Make sure you do not include any numbers in your email address, as I advised earlier. While it is standard practice to have numbers in personal emails these days, avoid doing so while using your official email address. It looks unprofessional.

For example:

NEVER trust me.

When deciding on an email address, here are some things to avoid:

Do not go on and on and on. Never use an email address that is more than 15 characters long.

  • Avoid referring to yourself by nicknames, such as (cute, princess, sweet, etc.).
  • Avoid using hyphens or digits in your title.
  • It would help if you did not utilize random words.

Follow these Tips:

If you are worried, think about how to choose good name for email. Then don’t be worried I will give you some tips and suggestions that may help to find the best name for your business email.

Tip 1: Select your company name:

There is a lot more competition when it comes to selecting a corporate email address when compared to personal email addresses. This is because most of us keep our company names distinctive in the context of copyrights and branding. Here’s one example of how you can pick a great email address for your company based on the name of your business: If your business’s name is, for instance, Tech Crunch and you may pick a similar format:


Tip 2: Put the word “official” to your business’s name:

However, in the rare situation where your company name is not one you can select, add the word ‘official following the name. Here are some examples of formats you can take into consideration:


Tip 3: Alternatives to the info@email address:

If you are creating a company email address based on the business’s official website, It’s common to pick generic email addresses like info@email. It’s true that this name is not very professional and does not look professional. What kind of customer will feel if he’s sending you an email using the email@email address? You will not feel as positive and confident. What is the best way to address his email? Who should he address it to? What if he doesn’t even receive any response? This is the reason it’s so essential to research alternative email addresses:

  • If you are a sole proprietor of the company, you can use the first initial of your name. For instance:

  • If you’re doing an enterprise jointly that involves two or more of your friends; then you could utilize a shared email address such as

  • If you are a big-scale enterprise, it is recommended to use email addresses that represent different departments or parts of your organization. For example, for the billing department, use an email address like:

  •  Similar to recruitment departments, for choosing an email address that is similar to:


I had to cover all the essential points that needed to show in this post. I hope you’ve read my article and that it has assisted you in choosing the proper names for your personal and business email addresses. I was hoping you could send me your feedback in the comments section below.


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