Best Places to Visit and Fun Things to do in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Fun Things to do in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Have you ever considered Cape Cod, Massachusetts in your itinerary of fun places to visit in the United States? If not, you are missing out! The area has tons of activities for individual or family vacation visits. 

Many family resorts provide excellent accommodation facilities. You have your choice of luxury hotels near the beach for maximum R&R. The kids will get their fill of water activities as you relax or catch a tan. 

The history of Cape Cod is quite interesting. The originator of the unique name was the English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold. He came to the area in 1602 and managed to catch a large store of codfish. And the abundance of cod fish was the inspiration for the name. 

Cape Cod enjoys moderate climate due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The sweeping Labrador and Gulf Stream currents also have a role to play. Summers are cool, and winters quite warm.

There is plenty of greenery, wildlife, and scenic views, making it a popular tourist destination. So, what are some of the best places and fun things to do in Cape Code, Massachusetts? Let’s find out!

Enjoy Serenity at Family Resorts in Chatham

Chatham is a serene area at the southeastern tip of Cape Cod. It is the perfect location for anyone who wants to avoid the large crowds you will find in some other places. 

One of the things that you will immediately notice is that it has managed to maintain some of the old fishing town charm. Chatham also has all the markings of the coastal beauty that you would expect in Cape Cod. 

In terms of activities, the only constraint will be the time you have for your visit. Plan to check out:

  • The Chatham lighthouse which has been around since 1808
  • The Monomoy National Wildlife refuge
  • The Chatham windmills, which have been standing since 1797
  • The village market for fresh organic produce
  • The railroad museum
  • Martha’s Vineyard
  • Marconi Maritime Center, and more. 

When traveling, one concern would be accommodation. Well, there is no shortage of excellent facilities. One Cape Cod resort worth exploring is the Chatham Bars inn. The family-friendly resort positions itself as Cape Cod’s most beautiful address, and indeed it is. It sits right at the beachfront, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted seaside breezes. 

The sunrise is a camera-worthy moment. The New England pristine beach is private, offering a chance to unwind. You can also enjoy a spot of sailing, cruises, and fishing trips if you wish. 

If you are traveling with the kids, the hotel has excellent programs for the kids. Indeed you get everything you would look for in luxury hotels near the beach.  

Remember the Good Old Times at Wellfleet Drive-In

Wellfleet drive-in is, well, a drive-in theater. In fact, it is the only one in Cape Cod. Wellfleet opened its doors in 1957 and continues to provide unparalleled entertainment. 

Watching your favorite movie on a giant screen in the open is exciting. Unfortunately, drive-ins are becoming extinct in this contemporary, individualized world. That is why finding one like Wellfleet is an experience worth having.  

Enjoy Nature at Cape Cod National Seashore  

Source: Pexels

The Cape Cod national seashore is another must-visit destination. It is especially appealing to those who love to connect with nature. Wear comfortable shoes because you will do plenty of walking in the dunes. Other terrains you may need to navigate are salt marshes, tidal flats, vernal pools, and ponds. 

If you prefer biking, there are trails you can try out. You don’t even need to immerse yourself in physical activity. There are plenty of features, including Coast Guard beach, Marconi beach, and Nauset Light Beach for some R&R. Covering over 43,000 acres, there is plenty of space for everyone.  

Enjoy Physical Activity at the Cape Cod Rail Trail

If you love the outdoors, the Cape Cod rail trail is the perfect location. Imagine over 25 miles of paved paths for cycling enthusiasts. It gets better, though. If you take on the challenge, you will pass through seven towns. These include Dennis, Orleans, Wellfleet, Brewster, Yarmouth, and Eastham. 

You can also catch the unique scenery by hiking. Other activities include rollerblading, cross-country skiing, or horseback riding. 

And, please don’t leave the kids behind during your visit. The paved surfaces are pretty safe, even for the little ones. But of course, be on the watch out for other users. Cyclists at high speed can hit your little one, thus cutting short your fun vacation. Everyone loves the unique experience at the rail trail, and so will you.  

Indulge in artistry at the Sandwich Glass Museum and Sandwich Antiques Center

Source: Pexels

The sandwich glass museum has been in existence since 1825. In fact, the Village of Sandwich holds the distinction of being the oldest in Cape Cod. It is a fascinating place to visit because you see all types of glasswork and rare glass. What will make your visit especially thrilling is the live demonstrations by the artisans. 

There is something so enthralling about watching the molding, glass blowing and shaping. And of course, there is a shop where you can buy some of the pieces. In fact, you don’t have to wrack your brains for the perfect souvenir or gift for those back home. You will have your pick of thousands of glass items, including bases, tableware, candlesticks, and more. 

Since you are already in Sandwich, make sure you also check out the antique center. It is a collector’s or antique lover’s paradise. The collection of rare treasures is immense. It ranges from furniture, paintings, firearms, and more. And in a culturally and historically rich place like Cape Cod, you can expect plenty.

Carry along some shopping money. The chance of landing some pretty fantastic bargains is very high.  

Final Thoughts

Cape Cod is a must-visit location for the fun-loving. There is a lot in terms of history and culture. A walk around the museums, lighthouses, and monuments will open your eyes to a new world. If you enjoy the outdoors, places like the National Seashore and Rail trail should be on your list. 

It also doesn’t matter whether you are traveling alone, with friends or family. There are excellent family resorts and luxury beach hotels if you so wish. Go ahead and start planning your visit to the charming Cape Cod Peninsula. 

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