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Arg Rump Tail

Fresh meat

Finding a place where you could have fresh food is so important. Especially, in these times when food is all about packaged, preserved material you can’t expect to have fresh food from supermarkets.

They indeed claim that they have fresh organic food straight from the farm but you know that it is not the case. No matter what kind of meat you want whether it is an Arg Rump Tail or any other meat type you could have it of supreme quality from us.

No matter what they say that their packaging is to make sure that food stays fresh for a longer period, that is not true. True organic is something that you see yourself that comes straight from the farm. In the case of fruits and vegetables it is possible, but with meat how you would be sure that packaged meat is fresh and best for you? See, we are sure you don’t have the answer to that.

Because you are not sure that packaged meat is fresh and best for you. In such a case you can only trust what you see from your eyes. In such a case only option you have is you take the meat from somewhere about which you are sure that they do their business only with fresh meat supply.

In this regard, fine butchers are renowned in this sector because of their long history in providing supreme quality meat to their customers.

Thus, if you are a meat lover and want to have the taste of the best beef or mutton not some packaged stored meat from the supermarket then we assure you that you could find such kind of supreme quality meat from us.

At fine butchers, you could find any kind of meat you want. Even you could order what you want and if we don’t have that we would arrange it for you. So, now for whatever reason or for whatever event you want the meat you could have fresh and supreme quality meat from us.

Arg Rump Tail

Arg Rump Tail

In line with hygiene

Slaughtering an animal and making its meat requires skill, but before skill, this procedure must be done in a clean environment. If the environment of the slaughterhouse won’t be clean you can’t expect to have clean meat thus it will affect the health of those who eat the meat. So, it is a kind of chain that starts from the slaughterhouse.

You think that slaughtering the animal is not a messy job, but believe us it is one of the messiest jobs you could think of. First, make sure that the clean instruments are being used for slaughtering, second removal of skin meticulously is important, third separating the different parts of the animal to make sure that each part meat is made carefully is important.

You see there are lots of steps involved in making the meat before selling it. All these steps need to be done in a clean environment with clean material so that you would have clean meat in the end. Without clean procedures, you can’t have healthy meat which will affect your health for sure.


Fine Butchers is the only butcher shop that provides fresh and supreme quality meats at the most reasonable prices. You may be wondering how come we are providing fresh meat at such reasonable prices, but you know what our motto is to provide supreme quality food at prices that anybody can easily afford.

So, no matter how expensive meat you want to try you could have it with us at the most reasonable price compared to other meat shops and even compared to the supermarket. Finding a place where you can have supreme quality meat at the most reasonable price is truly rare, but with us, you could have that.

We guarantee you that you would have the best meat of every kind from us. Still, if you have any doubts we suggest you visit us anytime and see yourself. You could place your order online and also visit us to have supreme quality meat.

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