Best time to post on TikTok. Get to know here!

Best time to post on TikTok. Get to know here!

To make your content popular, it is important to choose the best time to post on TikTok. This way you will attract the maximum attention to your videos and get the most audience response.

In today’s article, you will learn what to consider when it is the best time to post on TikTok either your videos or photos.

Features of TikTok and its audience in terms of posting

According to statistics for 2020, half of TikTok users are young people aged 16-24 who log into the application seven times a day.

The best time to publish a video is determined by the subject matter and characteristics of your subscribers. But in general, the activity of adolescents begins immediately after school – from 13-14 hours. The hottest hours are 18-22. However, keep in mind that the competition at this time is maximum.

Users usually view the recommendation feed, not their own subscription feed. At the same time, the posting time does not greatly affect the reach, more importantly, the involved views. Therefore, it’s best to post videos when your audience spends more time on the platform. Didn’t leave / left on the way to work, and when the user came, relaxed and was ready to watch videos, write comments.

Best time to post on TikTok

Collecting data

If you want to correctly determine the best time to add videos to the video community, keep track of the statistics. To do this, you need to connect a professional account.

How to do this, read our detailed instructions: How to switch to a Pro account at TikTok.

After that, the profile statistics will be available to you. We go into the menu and select the “Analytics” item. Further, in the “Subscribers” tab, we look at where our main audience is located and at what time it is active.

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Choosing the best time to post on TikTok

Further, in order to determine the best time to post new videos, you need to constantly analyze the data – after all, they can change. Plus, the obtained data must be compared with the general recommendations for choosing the time of video publication.

There is a rush hour on social media. Usually, users go to social networks before work / school in the morning, then at lunchtime and after the end of the working day. That is, the best hours for posting are 8-10 am, 12-14 pm, and 5-20 pm.

Next, look in your statistics for the peak closest to the general prime time. For example, if it’s 6-7 a.m., take the average and publish the video from 7-8 a.m. That is, you need to combine your peak with the general one as much as possible.

If you live in Russia and strive to gain more subscribers from the MSC, be guided by the Moscow time zone. It is imperative not to drastically change the time zone and posting times, as subscribers may stop watching your videos. 

At the same time, TikTok’s algorithms provide coverage throughout Russia – and this is 11 time zones. Accordingly, if you are in the conditional Vladivostok, then you better plan the publication time under two time zones, so as not to miss out on coverage.

Tips for successful publications

There are a few tips you can apply to be successful in this network. These include: analyze statistics, know the location of your audience, determine what time the most engagement is generated, convert the time zone, etc. Check out each of these points below.

Analyze statistics

Statistics or metrics on TikTok are used to schedule the publication of your content. These numbers or values are of great importance if you want to increase the number of followers or traffic to your website. This is why, constantly analyzing or studying the different tabs using the creator tool offered by this platform, is an excellent way to increase the chances of success of each publication.

In this sense, knowing which posts have the most interactions or generate the most likes will help you know what type of content your audience prefers. Likewise, this information will allow you to throw away what is not working and, in addition, to know which days there is a greater presence of followers and at what times, on TikTok.

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Know your audience

Demographics are important for any social media account because it helps establish your target audience. However, geographic information (knowing the location of those who follow you) increases the likelihood of your posts being successful. For example, imagine you live in Spain and most of your followers are halfway around the world, in Colombia.

Well, knowing this information it will help you determine what time it is most possible to post and in turn it will allow you to take into account some factors like: time zone change. Which will bring long term benefits in the growth of your brand.

Not all posts you make will have the same level of engagement, so learning to differentiate those who are in favor is essential to being successful. In this sense, knowing which ones have the most likes, comments or have been shared several times, will allow you to better configure your weekly or monthly calendar.

Now, to know this information you have to go to the tab “Subscribers” and scroll down until you find the section “Activity of your subscribers“ Or “Activity of subscribers”, as it appears. There you will see a series of graphs where, in general, each hour represents a bar, although they can also be displayed by group of hours.

Also, knowing exactly what peak hours there are the greatest activity will help you determine the best time to post on TikTok. Which, in turn, will bring you more success in the different posts you make.

Take into account the time zone

Using the ” Followers ” tab and geographic location metrics, you can apply the use of tools such as Time Zone Converter to enhance your posts. Now you have to keep in mind that these types of statistics are recorded on the basis of Madrid, Spain (CET). Therefore, you need to convert the schedule to the country of origin of your audience to know what times it is no longer possible to post.

Keep track of the best posts

Take note of the best messages on your account, could you help determine if there is a “model” behavior in your audience and therefore determine the best time to publish. For example, if the top three videos with the most likes and comments coincide with favorable stats on Saturday night, that means it’s a good day to download content.

In this sense, keeping track of the day and time of each post will help you “set” an average duration for posts on TikTok. Now, to know this information, you have to go to “Content” in the statistics menu and find the most viewed videos. If you want to get more information about a specific post, click on it to see the number of likes, comments, shares, viewing time, etc.

Make long-term relationships

TikTok displays metrics based on the last 7 days and in addition, it deletes stored data after 28 days. So it can be a bit difficult to build a model without monthly reports and long term results. By which, it is recommended to use the tab tools, like Microsoft Excel, to keep track which allows you to compare statistics for each month.

Find your other profiles

If you have a profile on other platforms like Instagram or YouTube and post to the same target audience, you can watch the activity or interactions of these. From this information, you can check and determine the extent to which it is possible to post on TikTok, following the same schedule that you already use on other social networks.


When choosing the ideal time to post on TikTok, there are 3 main factors to be guided by: audience location, time spent on your subscribers, peak time on social media. 

Based on the analysis on these three points, choose the time for publications, build hypotheses and conduct experiments, noting in which case the videos “go” better.

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