Best YouTube Video Ideas of 2022

Best YouTube Video Ideas of 2022

Creating a YouTube video for your own YouTube channel is one of the best ways to make money online today that will allow you to do what you really like, however, in order to make decent money on YouTube, your channel must have a lot of subscribers and videos with a sufficient number of interested viewers. 

With ever-increasing competition, attracting viewers is becoming increasingly difficult, and the question of what kind of videos should be made in order to get a decent number of views is becoming more and more acute. This is exactly what our new article is about, we hope it will be useful for everyone who is looking for the best YouTube video ideas.

The first condition for the success of such a content project as a YouTube channel is good ideas for videos that can attract people’s attention. Understanding this, I want to offer two dozen video ideas that anyone can use to create a separate YouTube channel or to diversify the videos on their channel in order to expand the audience and increase its popularity.

1. Make YouTube video about cooking

As you know, the way to the heart of any person lies through his stomach. And if these words are to be believed, then the demand for cooking videos will never dry up. The number of people with Internet access is constantly growing, and no one wants to wait for the recipe of their favorite dish to be shown on TV cooking shows. With the help of YouTube video hosting, each of us gets the opportunity to watch several cooking videos about the same dish and only then try to cook it ourselves. So, if you are good at cooking and have the skills to introduce yourself in public, you can certainly make good money making cooking videos. 

2. Post Gourmet YouTube Video

Good food lovers love to read reviews of restaurants in their city and watch videos about food from around the world. And since there are more and more of these people, almost all YouTube food videos get a lot of views. Shoot an interesting gourmet video, and you will be surprised how many people want to see it. Be creative and your videos will get millions of views in a few days. 

3. Make video reviews of gadgets

Are you a technically literate person, do you regularly buy new mobile phones and other modern gadgets? Start making videos reviewing your purchases. High-quality videos will help you earn enough to recoup your purchase costs. A good review of a device that has recently hit the market can attract a huge number of viewers. Not only that, if your videos get a lot of views on a regular basis, tech makers might take notice of your channel and contract you to review their new products.

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4. Post videos reviewing new books

You don’t feel tech-savvy enough to shoot gadget reviews, but you’re an avid reader? Create a channel where you share your opinions about the books you read. Just make sure the book you’re talking about is new and popular first. It may not be so easy to make a video about a book without telling its content, but the experience of reading reviews will help you here. Watch how professionals write them, and you will quickly understand what to talk about and what not to talk about. 

5. Record on video the unpacking of goods bought online

Do you often buy clothes or accessories, gadgets or toys in an online store? Make a video of how you unpack them and then share your opinion on the product you received. If the product is good, add your store affiliate link to this product to the video description. Now, whenever someone buys it by going to the store website through your link, you will earn a commission. 

6. Create reviews of online games or movies

The previous advice is good, however, you will need money to buy goods in online stores. Idea number 6 does not require any costs. You can review free online games as well as movies that you will watch online as well. Be sure to review the content you are about to describe first. If this is a game, then register in it and play for at least two or three days. Your viewers will be interested in your personal impressions, for example, how you watched the  cartoon Cars all series in a row in one of the online cinemas, or how much you personally liked Mirchar, a popular game among teenagers with virtual pets, aimed at developing the creative abilities of its participants. Get ready to record such videos. When playing games or watching movies, take notes or save screenshots that can be inserted into the video to prove one or another of your thoughts. 

7. Create and shoot “How To” videos

As the name suggests, your videos should teach your human viewers how to do certain things. This is a very broad topic. You can teach absolutely everything. The range of options is extremely wide, from complex tutorials like repairing a computer or a bike, to the simplest things like removing stains from clothes. Think for yourself, after brainstorming good ideas, you can create videos almost out of thin air. 

8. Compose a video using screencasting

Screencasting is simply a video that shows the screen of your computer. In this way, you can create a video tutorial for working with various applications or websites. Many programs such as Photoshop, AutoCad, etc. can be quite difficult to master even for those who have some basic knowledge about them. More and more people are looking for video tutorials to help them master certain of their functions, and therefore such videos quickly gain a lot of views. 

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In addition to learning videos on how to use certain programs, you can make a screencast video about how you browse some websites or use any programs. When creating a skincast, you don’t have to speak to the camera, so for those who are not yet comfortable in front of the lens, this will certainly be a good option for creating videos. 

9. Make an interactive tutorial

Online lessons are becoming more and more popular, as with their help a person can easily learn how to do something new without turning to books. If you are a teacher and you know how to teach a specific subject or a marketing specialist, a good programmer or an SEO expert, you can create video tutorials starring yourself and teach people what you know best. 

Millions of people around the world are looking for new knowledge every day. If you are good enough at sharing your knowledge, you can help others learn, thereby earning money for yourself. 

So in this article best YouTube video ideas in 2022 are described. If you have any query, do ask us in the comment icon.

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