Bio for Twitter: How to Write?

Bio for Twitter: How to Write?

Does your bio for Twitter really say what can be said about you?

After all, it’s not so easy to remake your amazing personality in 160 characters. However, it is worth remembering that the first thing users look at when they visit your page is the description, and here you need to take literally every word into account.

Undoubtedly, Twitter has power in the blogosphere and a successful Twitter profile is the most important tool for communicating with companies and bloggers, as well as for spreading your posts. In general, creating the perfect bio for twitter is a necessary step to attract active subscribers who will eventually become loyal readers of your blog.

First, we will look at the main recommendations, and only then will we look at examples of the design of different bios and how they can work for you.

Five Tips for Creating an Attractive Bio for twitter

Tailor Keywords to Your Audience 

Tools like Followerwonk allow people to search for keywords in bios to help them find and follow people based on their interests. What keywords are associated with your blog or company? Thought? Now make sure your bio includes them. What for? Yes, so that potential subscribers can easily find you.

Look at the PHD in Parenting account for an example of using specific keywords for your blog topic. With 70k subscribers, this targeted approach seems to work well in this case. You can also look at Peanut Butter Fingers, this is a great example of how you can mix different keywords to create a persona – a great approach for flamboyant personal bloggers.

Avoid listing nonsensical words 

Lists of hobbies, often found in the description of keyword lovers, have almost become an occasion for jokes among Twitter users. Descriptions such as: SMM expert, music lover, art connoisseur, Twitterholic, thinker, etc. have already flooded the entire Twitter. There are even services like Twitter Bio Generator that are designed to poke fun at this trend. In general, try to use keywords that are quite meaningful and try to avoid creating lists, even if they are meaningful.

Sign your successes with evidence

Listing vague statements such as “creative” and “businessman” looks very unconvincing. It would be much more solid to use concrete examples of what you have done in this regard. Started a blog after winning a competition? Show me what the competition is. Have you written a book? Talk about her like Christina Binkley. You can also take the opportunity to highlight cool brands or blogs you work with, like Roxana Sarmiento.

Do research

You shouldn’t create a bio for twitter while in isolation. There are a bunch of profiles on the net with a huge number of subscribers and it would be simply stupid not to peek at what they are good at and what they use to do it. Explore the bios of other users in your area of ​​interest and see what they are all about and which of them would motivate you to click on the follow button.

Stand out

Twitter has a ton of profiles and you need to figure out how you can stand out from the crowd. There is no point in looking for the perfect bio for twitter and just copying it – you need to create your own. What is your unique feature? Why would people want to follow you?

Emily Schumann, creator of Cupcakes and Cashmere, pointed out that the affiliate book on her blog is a bestseller and jumped straight to its content – “a guide on how to grow every day.” Another common tactic used by bloggers like Essie Buttn is to keep the bio short and funny just to grab attention.

In general, there are two main types of bios that bloggers often use – blog bios and personal bios.

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Bio for blog

At its core, a blog bio is focused on communicating what you have to offer and what you write about. This approach would work great if you were running a faceless blog with other contributors, and where your personality isn’t the basis of everything that happens.

TechCrunch is a good example of this – the bio is simple and clearly describes what it says. With 10 million readers, the lack of attachment to any personality is not a problem here at all.

Personal bio

On the other hand, a personalized bio can work great if you run a blog where you personally are the backbone of it and part of why readers love it.

Here are some great examples, like Hostess with the Mostess founder Jennifer Sbrunty , who promises to drown you in something beautiful. And here is another interesting example, beauty blogger Emma from Milkteef.

In general, you should understand that there is no one right solution for everything if you want to create the perfect bio for Twitter – the whole point here is to make a real unique bio that will perfectly describe you and your blog.

I am very glad that you have read the article. I hope that our service and our blog will help you grow your business.

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