Bob Wigs for Warming Days in 2022

Bob Wigs

As the weather gets warmer, more and more people are getting out of the house to enjoy the fresh air and the brilliant sunshine. Wearing a long wig in hot weather undoubtedly adds a bit of heat, so short hair becomes a good choice. When it comes to short hair, how can you go without bob wigs? Before wearing a bob wig, you may need to figure out the following questions.

What is an ideal length for a bob wig?

In general, the length of hair that works well with bob wigs is 12 inches to 14 inches. This length can reach between the neck and the shoulders, which is draped and can be used to frame the face.

What density should a bob wig be?

150% density looks natural, neither too thick nor too thin, so most people go for 150% density. Of course, if you like a full and voluminous hair look, you can choose 180% density. It is not recommended to choose a bob wig with even more density, otherwise, it may look very unnatural.

What bob wigs are really in currently?

Ah, that’s a big question. But there are indeed some bob wigs that are more popular, just like the following types.

Blonde Bob Wigs

Blonde bob wigs are very popular in summer. The lighter blonde color looks more refreshing in summer. In addition, blonde hair can be easily dyed into other colors such as pink, green, blue, purple and so on. When you are tired of your blonde bob wig, why not do a DIY and dye it in a unique and beautiful color, pick, half, or whole, whatever you want. This is the reason why blonde bob wigs have been so popular.

Skunk Stripe Bob Wigs

Skunk stripe bob wigs looks unique. It has evolved from just black and white to more color combinations such as black and gold, black and pink, black and green, black and red, etc. Skunk stripe breaks the staleness of traditional bob wigs and makes it look new. It has become the new favorite of many bob wig fans.

U Part Bob Wigs

U part bob wigs have short hair, are easy to manage and are currently a must buy style for u part wig beginners. u part wig’s unique design allows the wig wearer to have a 100% true front hairline and parting, so many people are trying it out. Since the wig wearer’s own hair is generally not long and easier to blend in with u part bob wig wigs, so u part bob wigs options are highly sought after.

Classic Black Bob Wigs

Classic black bob wigs have never been out of the fashion scene. Classic versatile no doubt. Because black hair and suitable for most people, so the sales volume has been very high. Among them, lace front bob wigs are easier to use and less expensive, more suitable for wig beginners.


Bob wigs never go out of style, and every year there are new highlights. If you are a bob wig fan or want to try a bob wig, try the recommendations above.

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