A Guide to Building a Public Park in 2022

Public Park

Parks play a crucial role in terms of developing a community’s spirit. It is an integral part of maintaining a community’s health and well-being. 

Parks are considered as one of the most accessible outdoor green spaces by the population. From kids to adults, all come here to relax, play, walk, jog or spend some peaceful time around the flora and fauna. In addition, public parks are markers of the city’s development, along with initiatives towards sustainability, and greenery. 

Therefore, building them correctly and beautifully becomes vital to achieving these determined goals. To do so, one must plan with the help of famous landscape architects in Bangalore

To help you out with the same, here are some expert tips to consider for the architecture and design of public parks.

  • Begin with choosing a perfect location.

The location must be selected carefully. There are 3 points that must be incorporated into your site checklist:

Accessibility– Evaluate if the site location is easily accessible by public transport? Since it is necessary to make people feel that they are always welcome and the park is reachable. Further, look for a site with adequate entries and exits.

Character– Check if there is any historical building or place nearby the spot. If there is, it will help gain more visitors than just natural beauty seekers. In simple terms, it will attract more visitors and strengthen community ties.

Safety– Consider the area with low crime rates, that is safe for everyone. As safety comes first, make sure to not skip this step at any cost. 

Presently, many parks are constructed on lands designated by planning committees. This space can be unused, open for development or already associated with building public places like playgrounds, etc. 

  • Selecting appropriate amenities for the park.

The next step is to opt for the right equipment for the parks. This may include designing the park with various elements that cater to the specialized needs of different age groups. Activity and play panels, bridges, climbers, crawls, ramps, and slides are some customizable elements and equipment that can be integrated into the park. 

A well-designed playground will enable teamwork among children, along with developing their motor skills. Likewise, the park must cater to differently-abled people and wheelchair users. Smooth pathways will aid in proper exploration and prevent unwanted accidents. Furthermore, there should be adequate benches available in the park for people to sit and rest.

  • Check out minor details.

Make an everlasting impression by closely designing the park’s appearance. Yes, well-maintained, beautified plants, and park fencing is a must when planning the park design. Even fountains can be incorporated on both sides of the park to give a refreshing look. 

Besides, do not forget to integrate dustbins and bike racks. This will help keep the environment clean. Plus, with more children becoming fitness freaks and riding bicycles, it’s suitable to assign bicycle racks on the sides of the parks for their convenience. 

  • Add lighting to the design.

According to architects, adding energy-efficient modern lighting is the key to building sustainable and attractive parks for night usage. As you want to get your park used throughout the day, and not simply restrict it to the daytime. You can also consider theme base lighting options in the kids’ area with the help of lighting professionals to enhance the playing vibes.

Furthermore, architects suggest hierarchical lighting. It means your illumination must include top, middle and lower levels of how to plan the use of light. It will create a great effect and brighten up the area sufficiently, covering every nook and corner efficiently. This will also contribute towards preventing crimes and other poor visibility accidents. 

These are all prime components of a well structured public park to construct in a city. Hope this article helps you plan out the most significant green park for all.

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