How to buy Instagram followers?

How to buy Instagram followers

Everyone wants to have a significant number of followers on social networks like Instagram. Given that the latter is among the most used social platforms of the moment, it is normal that everyone wants to be recognized there. However, this thirst for freedom is not often satisfied, hence the resort to unsavory practices such as to buy Instagram followers.

Follow this guide if you want to know how to buy Instagram followers.


1. Buy Instagram followers: a practical guide

  • Its advantages
  • Its disadvantages

2. What solutions to get more followers on Instagram?

  • Ingramer
  • Instaboss
  • Instazood
  • Combin

3. Better to go through bots

Buy Instagram Followers: A Practical Guide

To buy Instagram followers, just use the right keywords on your favorite search engine. So go to Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo or other, and put in the search bar “pack Instagram subscribers” or “buy Instagram subscribers” or “buy Instagram followers”. The search page will give you several websites to choose from. Some are in French while most are in English.

Once on this kind of site, you will see several packs available. Each pack corresponds to a predefined number of followers as well as the asking price. Some packs are only delivered once, while others guarantee a gradual increase in your subscribers over a fixed period of time. If you opt for this solution, you will have 25 new subscribers per day for 30 days, for example. You must then click the “Order” button when you see the offer that suits you. You will then be redirected to an information page where you must insert your Instagram username (the one that comes after @). You validate your order and it’s over. You will just have to wait for the delivery of your order.

Its advantages

This practice has many undeniable advantages, such as:

  • the feeling of rising in popularity quickly,
  • the organic boost in the number of real subscribers following the purchase (because an account with more subscribers is naturally put forward by the platform which gives it temporary visibility),
  • the palpable gain in credibility (because the account is followed by a lot of people),
  • increased engagement if you bought actual subscribers.

Its disadvantages

Despite all these advantages, buying followers on Instagram also does not rule out well-established risks, such as:

  • Early engagement wears off quickly: As soon as the social network sees that purchased subscribers don’t like, comment, or share your posts, Instagram will stop giving you visibility. The purchase made often gives a little boost that never lasts over time.
  • Lack of Engagement: This problem seriously damages your reputation as an influencer, because no company is willing to pay for an account where there is a high volume of followers , but no engagement.
  • Irrelevant numbers: Buying Instagram followers hurts your overall account performance. It will be difficult for you to differentiate your real audience from the fruit of your purchases. After that, you will not be able to analyze your data in order to improve your Instagram marketing strategy.
  • The elimination carried out by Instagram itself: This platform is one of the strictest in terms of use policy. It is constantly improving its algorithms to detect fraudulent practices. So, it’s not surprising to see banned accounts here and there or even fake subscribers suddenly disappear.

What solutions to get more followers on Instagram?

For all these reasons, buying followers on Instagram is not recommended at all. It is better to go through more appropriate solutions for a long-term development strategy. This requires the use of powerful tools such as Ingramer, Instaboss, Instazood or even Combin.


Ingramer ( see our review ) is undoubtedly the most advanced tool to buy Instagram followers. With a panel of features (Instagram Downloader, Hashtag Generator, Instagram Search,…), Ingramer offers the possibility of really boosting your Insta account.

Because with this bot, it is your engagement rate that will take off, and especially allow you to accentuate your campaign towards interested subscribers. And when we know the success of Ingramer, we understand that it is the tool that influencers choose, and increase their influence.


Instaboss ( see our review ) is an automatic Instagram management tool from A to Z. It allows you to gain real subscribers and not buy fake accounts. It helps you boost your commitments by naturally getting likes, organically generating comments and shares. Thanks to it, your account will naturally get the visibility it deserves, with the right audience. It offers a 3-day free trial, but its price starts from € 11.90 / month.

As for Instazood ( see our review ), it is not only dedicated to Instagram. However, it also allows us to manage this social media. Much like Instaboss, it helps generate automatic likes, but also automatically follows accounts and unsubscribes from those who don’t follow you back. This online tool starts from € 11.99 per month to manage Instagram only. The price is also the same for the automation of direct messages.


Combin ( see our opinion ) presents itself, for its part, as a tool “to attract the public on Instagram “. At the same time, it allows you to schedule publications and stories in advance. One of its main advantages is that it allows you to administer multiple accounts all at once. This automation tool also attaches great importance to data analysis in its offers. All of this is free for anyone still fumbling around on Instagram. For others, his minimum monthly rate is $ 15.

Better to go through the bots

To choose between buying followers via a supplier and using an automatic tool, it is preferable to go through the latter. It guarantees a natural increase in your subscribers. Over time, you will go from a simple Instagrammer to a true Influencer thanks to this kind of solution. In addition, it gives you more time to devote to creating your content, always with the aim of obtaining as many commitments as possible.

Now you know how to buy Instagram followers. But given the risks involved, we advise you to go through Instagram bots instead. Instaboss like Combin and Instazood do the trick perfectly. Simply follow the best practices and you will see your number of followers increase rapidly on Instagram.

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