Cafe chains in Korea you should try

Cafe chains in Korea

Coffee is essential in most people’s lives. Most people cannot function fully without their kick of caffeine in the morning, some also drink coffee in the middle of the day, or even at night. In 2021, Koreans will have an average of over 300 cups of coffee. That number is 20% lower compared to 2019, as COVID-19 has closed many coffee shops in South Korea and those that are still open are not allowed to sit indoors. However, the demand for coffee in South Korea is still higher than in countries in the West. Compared to the international average of 132 cups per year, it’s safe to say that Koreans really do love their coffee, not just because of its purpose of making you stay awake and active, but most Koreans like to enjoy their coffee, much like a cafe society where you relax and have conversations with friends and family. Cafe franchises have a large impact on the Korean market, these franchises cater to all ages that’s why despite the pandemic, these establishments are still getting a lot of customers.

Ziptoss is a Korean real estate company that can guide foreigners that are planning to live in South Korea. We help foreigners in terms of looking for a home, assisting in documents, and negotiating so that they can have a hassle-free transition when moving in. We also give our guides, tips, and vital information about South Korea’s culture and traditions, art, food, music, and lifestyle. In this article, we’ll be guiding you to the most popular chain cafes in South Korea today.

A Twosome Place

Owned by CJ Foodville of CJ Group, A twosome place has over 900 branches around South Korea, they have also expanded their franchise in China and Southeast Asia. It is considered to be the third-largest cafe chain in South Korea, A twosome place provides cakes, pastries, and delicious coffee drinks you have to try. Their best-sellers are Mocha latte, Carrot cake, and Tiramisu.

Ediya Coffee

Ediya Coffee is the largest coffee chain in Korea. Their famous 3,000th store opened in Daejeon in late 2019. The chain is focused on opening small stores in subprime areas. Coffee prices at Ediya are very affordable, ranging from 2,500 Won to 4,000 Won, they also have one of the largest coffee shops in Seoul, and its Ediya Lab(for roasting and testing coffee) is located near Hakdong Station.

Caffe Bene

Caffe Bene is the second-largest coffee chain in Korea with multiple branches(nearly 1,000). They do a great job of blending European/American with an Asian flavor. They have a huge selection of coffee, lattes, smoothies, tea, ice cream, and traditional Korean drinks like Misugaru(multigrain shake). Also, they offer dessert options including bingsu(shaved ice dessert), macarons, cakes, and more

Mega Coffee

Mega Coffee can be found all over Korea, so if you’re on a budget and need a coffee fix, give it a try. Mega Coffee is a very affordable cafe, they are known for their big drinks. Also, it is a renowned study place for students on a budget. They mainly do sweet drinks, great-tasting americanos, and pastries. Some of their best-selling products are Strawberry pong crush(strawberry shake with jolly pong, a Korean multigrain cereal), and Cookie frappe made with crushed Oreo cookies.

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