Can A Facelift Make You Look Worse?

Can A Facelift Make You Look Worse

A facelift is typically a surgery performed on the face’s skin, muscles, and tissues. It is most often done to treat aging-related changes in the appearance of soft tissue structures and skin. The most common goal of the surgery is to reduce fat around the jawline and jowls, reposition facial features such as ears or chins, or tilt the head back or down. The severity of these problems is typically the deciding factor in what can be done to help the patient.

How It Is Done

The surgery is usually done as an outpatient procedure. General anesthesia ensures that a patient remains asleep throughout the procedure and feels no pain. The surgery usually takes about two to three hours, though it may require more time for complex procedures. Most people will return home on the same day. The surgeon will cut the hairline, around your ears, or under the chin, and then sutures will be placed underneath your skin to pull up excess skin from the lower part of your face and neck. While under local anesthesia, a surgeon will use different techniques to remove slack skin or tighten your skin or muscles. As the sutures heal, they will pull the skin out of place and allow it to go back into place.

Final Results

The final results after the surgery can be very satisfying for patients. They can be more youthful, refreshed, and less tired in a shorter time than other cosmetic procedures. There is also no downtime; most people return to their daily lives two to three weeks after the procedure. Complications are uncommon, and almost all of them are minor issues that heal on their own or have no long-term effect on your appearance.

Benefits of a Face-lift

1. Tightens up sagging skin

The surgery can address sagging skin around the lower face and neck. It is most effective for younger individuals who want to look more youthful. Patients with a face-lift as young adults sometimes look ten years younger after the procedure. As we age, our faces naturally lose volume and elasticity in the skin, and when not addressed, this leads to drooping skin and loss of definition between the muscles of our face. The goal of the face-lift is to tighten up those muscles so they have proper contour and alignment with one another again.

2. Reshapes the jawline

A face-lift will target the jawline to help redefine it. It benefits people who have lost bulk and fat from their faces, which results in skin hanging from the jawline. The lack of definition between fat, muscle, and skin makes it difficult to create a sharp jawline. Removing excess skin from this area allows patients to lose extra weight and still look youthful. This procedure also helps men with receding chins, so their chins will project forward again.

3. Revitalizes the neck

A rejuvenated neck can add definition around the cheeks and chin and lift and refine the neck profile. It is also an excellent way to address sagging skin under the chin, a common area for male patients. The goal is to tighten skin and muscles, so they pull back into place instead of hanging out all over.

4. No age limit to get a face-lift

A face-lift can be performed on individuals of any age without the need to gain weight or overage. Many people choose this procedure because they think they can’t look good with lines and wrinkles. They feel that they are too old to obtain a face-lift, but the reality is that there is no upper limit to when you can receive this type of surgery.

5. Fast recovery

Virtually all patients will recover from a face-lift in one or two days and will not be restricted from food or drinking for many hours after the procedure. You will not need to lay still in bed for an extended period, so you do not have to cancel essential appointments during recovery.

6. Invisible surgical scars

Because the surgery is performed under local anesthesia, there are usually no visible scars from the procedure. When patients return to their normal activities after surgery, they will notice that their scars gradually stretch as their skin heals.

7. Little downtime

The recovery time after a face-lift is typically limited to a few days. You will not have any restrictions on what you can eat and drink, so you do not have to stay in bed for an extended period. You will be able to return to your regular schedule within a few days.

Can A Face-lift Make You Look Worse?

Every surgery has risks and complications, so it is essential to consider all the possible outcomes when considering a face-lift before undergoing a face-lift. Discussing any concerns with your doctor is essential to making the right decision for yourself. If you are unhappy with the results and are not satisfied, your doctor will be able to help you get the best possible outcome.

Side Effects

A face-lift is not without risk. The following are some of the side effects that may occur from a face-lift:

1. Infection in your wound

It is sporadic that infections will occur after a face-lift. There will be spots on your skin where surgical incisions are made, and these spots can become infected if proper care is not taken. It is essential to wash your hands before touching any of these areas and clean the area with warm water and soap every time you touch it. Your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic solution to cleanse the area if swelling, redness, or pain occurs. If this becomes an issue, consult with the surgeon who performed your surgery to have it properly treated.

2. Hematoma

You may develop a hematoma after face-lift bleeding under the skin. It is recommended to avoid massaging the area for five days after the procedure, so it does not reopen your wounds. If you still experience this side effect, you should contact your physician for proper care.

3. Numbness

Numbness is a common side effect of having a face-lift. It may occur due to numbing medication used during surgery. If you feel numbness in your face or neck after the surgery, your doctor will advise you on how to address this situation. If the numbness does not subside on its own, it is recommended to see your physician if this issue continues for more than a week.

When a face-lift is performed correctly by a professional surgeon, these procedures can deliver excellent results. Find a surgeon qualified and certified by various boards before making your decision. You may want to visit with a few different physicians in your area to compare their qualifications and find one that has excellent reviews from their past patients.

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