Can The Canopy Color Affect the Temperature Under My Custom Tent?

Woo-hoo! You decided to get a pop-up custom canopy tent to stay protected on your outdoor day of fun. 

What a stupendous idea…! 

This summer is going to be awesome! Just imagine: the bright sun, the low breeze, the longing for relaxation buzzing in the air and YOU enjoying the weather, protected from the scorching sun, under your new custom tent.  

It sounds like bliss. It won’t even matter whether you are conducting business under the custom canopy tent or just chilling. Summer is the time to enjoy, no matter what goes by… 

But hold on for a moment… have you considered the possibility that the canopy color of your pop-up custom tent may affect the temperature underneath?

Our readers often ask us whether the color of their custom canopy tent really matters so much? 

Well, the answer is – Yes! It does… 

Canopy colors in a custom tent are more than just decor. In fact, they serve quite a few functional purposes. Some of the most important factors that directly get affected by the color of your custom canopy tent are listed below. 

  • Canopy color determines the amount of light that gets blocked by your custom tent. 
  • Reflection and absorption of heat is also affected by the color of your printed canopy. 
  • The color of your canopy and sidewalls is also significant to make sure that while you blend in with nature, you can also be spotted easily in case of an emergency. 
  • The color of your custom tent can also help keep birds, critters and sometimes even insects away. 

What Color Canopy Should You Get for Your Custom Canopy Tent?

The answer to this question is not some color; rather it would be based on your specific requirements and preconditions. In other words, the climate of your location, your pattern of usage and frequency of use will determine your choice.  

While these specifications will change from case to case, what we can do to make this decision easier is to provide you with information about the various aspects, advantages and disadvantages of different canopy colors. 

This is precisely what we have listed below for you. 

  1. Custom Tent with BLACK Canopy
FeaturesAbsorbs the largest amount of heat which can make the temperature rise under your custom tentDoes not allow light to reflect back, which provides best protection from UV rays 
AdvantagesRequires less maintenances and does not get dirty or rugged easily Most suitable for use in winter season Can also be used in summers as an overhead shade without sidewalls 
DisadvantagesBlack is a less breathable color, which tends to trap more heat underneath the custom tent Not suitable for use with sidewalls on days with high temperature and no wind Difficult to spot in the dark 
  1. Custom Tent with WHITE Canopy
FeaturesAbsorbs the least amount of heat Reflects the majority of sunlight though some rays might pass through the canopy 
AdvantagesKeeps the temperature under the canopy always cool Easy to spot in the dark 
DisadvantagesWhite is the least opaque color, which allows more light through the canopy that can be harsh on the eyes Provides less protection from UV rays making the skin susceptible to sunburns, rashes and early agingVery difficult to maintain and gets dirty very easily 
  1. Custom Tents with COLORED Canopies
FeaturesColored canopies are a safer choice for custom tents, rather than a common white or a complete blackout canopyLight colored canopies will always be cooler than dark colored canopies Listed below is a rating of different colors from the coolest to the warmest tones for custom canopy tents –
1. Yellow
2. Light green
3. Light blue
4. Red
5. Dark green
6. Dark blue
7. Brown 
AdvantagesProvides the ability to choose a color of your preference for your heavy-duty outdoor canopy tent Most colors don’t get dirty easily, making them easy to maintain Most preferable choice for the base of promotional canopy tents which are printed with branding and advertising content or supplemented by additional marketing products like banners, flags and table cover 
DisadvantagesSome lighter shades may not provide suitable protection from UV rays Similarly, some darker shades can get as hot as black canopies 

Canopy Color Is Crucial for Keeping Your Custom Tent Cool

We believe it is already clear to you how and why canopy color is important for your custom tent. Moreover, now that you know the features, advantages and disadvantages of different colors, we also hope that it will be easier for you to make a decision. 

As an added precaution, we advise that you talk to a manufacturer before finalizing the canopy color as well as other aspects of your branded canopy. Premium manufacturers provide on-call customer care services where you can talk to an expert before purchasing a product. 

So, why wait anymore? Check out online brands that retail in custom canopy tents and connect with customer support staff today. 

Get colored canopies for custom tents to add more enjoyment and fun while staying protected from the wind, rain and sun! 

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