Can You Get An Urgent Loan With Bad Credit?

Urgent Loan

A specific time may arise in your life accidentally, which leaves you baffled about whether to get an urgent loan or not! On top of that, if you have a poor credit score, obtaining one is more challenging during an emergency. 

The most hassle-free loans for instant approval would be same-day loans, which are short-term cash solutions for poor credit borrowers in dire need of money. Therefore, same-day loans are one urgent loan disbursed to the borrowers even if they have a bad credit score. 

It’s impossible to transform a poor credit score into a good one within a day, considering you need a 700+ credit score to avail of a loan. But you can always check your latest credit score before approaching an urgent loan lender online. 

Are you willing to know how to get same day loans with poor credit? Let’s get straight to it!

Credit Score and its Significance

A credit score is a top-notch sign of your creditworthiness, and a legit credit score typically falls under 300-900. Here, a 900 score demonstrates the most creditworthiness, and a 300 shows the least! Therefore, the higher your credit score, the greater your chance of getting approved for same-day, installment, and personal loans. A high credit score of 750 makes you a perfect candidate for any loan type. 

On the other hand, a credit score of 500 or less might reject you from getting a loan from a traditional bank. But several online lenders or loan service agencies are available in the market, disbursing your desired loan amount based on the lender’s policy. They will never consider your poor credit score while sanctioning one, which is why same-day payday loans are the best type to consider during an emergency. 

Can You Get a Loan With a Poor Credit History?

It’s possible to obtain a loan with bad credit or no credit history. But you will only get a loan with high-interest and moderate-favorable terms. The lenders usually judge you based on your credit score, which is either too thin or non-existent to portray what they must know. 

What are the Major Loan Options Available If You Have Bad Credit?

Being eligible for urgent loans with a poor credit score isn’t hassle-free, but it’s not impossible. So, these are the significant loan options that help you obtain an urgent loan:

  • Cosigner
  • Friends and family
  • Online loan service providers
  • Paycheck advances
  • Credit-builder loans
  • Same-day loans
  • Credit unions and banks
  • Secured loans
  • Personal loans for poor credit

Tips for Securing a Bad Credit Loan

Although it’s a challenge, you may still obtain a loan with a bad credit score by taking the below-mentioned measures:

  • Resolve mistakes in the credit report

Have you been having a tough time getting a same-day loan on a lower credit score? If so, there could be some errors or misreporting on your credit report. It often happens because your record hasn’t been updated with the newest details. 

  • Show proof of income to underpin loan reimbursements

You might have a poor credit score, but a salary surge or an extra income source could make the lender feel assured about your urgent loan application. 

If you can show some shred of evidence that you have a side hustle and a secure job, the possibility of your urgent loan application also getting approved increases. But you must remember that a higher interest rate will be imposed on you.

  • Get a guarantor or apply for a joint loan

Getting a guarantor or co-applicant with a top-notch rating will help you expeditiously obtain an urgent loan in case you have a poor credit score. 

With quick permission from the guarantor or co-applicant, you must ensure that all the loan-related formalities are done and that the signature is on the relevant forms. Then, when online lenders notice a guarantor or co-applicant with a top-notch credit score, it will help you obtain an excellent deal.


Searching for a loan with a bad credit score is not easy! In case you want to know how to get an urgent loan with a poor credit score, go through the above process carefully and understand what to do. Therefore, you need to choose the best one as per your cash-strapping situation and let go of all your worries.

Keep researching more before opting for any loan, and be sure about reimbursing it timely to bypass the negative consequences on your credit score. Lastly, with these above mentioned measures, you can undoubtedly obtain an urgent loan even with a poor credit score.   

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