Candle Making Tips For Beginners

Candle making is a favourite hobby of many, and it can also be a great hobby for you to do at your leisure. It can be a satisfying experience to create something from your own hands. Candles are a great way to relax and have a warm, cozy environment.

There are so many personal touches you could add to your candles. To create a candle that perfectly represents who you are, mixes and matches your favourite scents.

Do not worry if DIY candle making is new for you! You can make beautiful candles with our expert candle making tips.

Making candles is an easy task if you have everything you need for a DIY candle making kit. You will find all the necessary tools as well as the equipment and materials to make candles at home in this article. Keep the process quick and simple with our candle making tips!

Top Candle Making Tips For Beginners

It is quite simple to make DIY candles, but you need guidance.

  • Is the wick placed correctly?
  • Are those air bubbles in your candle?
  • Is it possible for the wick to burn correctly?
  • Did I add enough essential oil for the scent?

All these questions are common among beginners. Let us answer them for you!

Below is a list of tips and tricks for beginners to help make your first candle.

1. How To Get Started

Candle making is easy for beginners. However, most people don’t know where they should start. It’s not uncommon to have this problem when you first start something. This section will address the factors you should consider before starting.

Once you have decided which kind of candle you want to create, you can decide how to personalize them. Other options include colour, essential oil, and decorations such as dried flower petal petals.

You can learn a lot by researching the different options and reading about the process.

2. Know Your Ingredients And Tools

An essential tool for DIY candle making is a DIY kit.

Here is a list that will help you identify the best tools and ingredients for making candles.


  • A Double Heater to melt the wax you choose
  • The Microwave Oven – To melt the wax of choice
  • A Heat Resistant Bowl/Microwavable Bowl to use over the double or microwave, depending on your preference
  • Wooden Stirring Stick — to mix the wax and melt it
  • Measuring Scope – to measure wax
  • Electric stove/Induction/ Hot plate- heat sources
  • Thermometer- for measuring the wax’s temperature
  • Scissors for trimming the wicks


  • Wax (Paraffin wax, soy wax and beeswax)
  • Small heat-proof ceramic or glass jars (Mason and other old candle holders)
  • Pre-made wax strips that fit into your jar
  • Fragrance ( Aromatic Oils
  • Color/ Nontoxic crayons (Optional).
  • Dried flower petals (Optional).
  • Chopsticks/ Clothespins/Popsicle sticks are used to keep the wick in place.

3. The Right Wax For Your Candles

You must decide which wax to use when you start DIY candle making. There are many wax options available for candle making.

Paraffin Wax: Paraffin has been the most popular wax for candle making, especially in commercial settings. It is synthetic oil, making it more affordable than many other waxes. Many people avoid paraffin because it is not of natural origin, and can give off carcinogens while burning.

Soy Wax: Soy is a natural 100% wax derived solely from hydrogenated soybean oil. It is ideal for DIY Candle Making, as it has a strong scent and is easy to use. It’s ideal for candle containers, votives, tealights and jars. It is not recommended to use soy wax for pillar candles.

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