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Avoiding Common Franchising Pitfalls

Legal counsel can be invaluable whether you’re expanding your business into a franchise or you want to invest in an existing franchise. Thriving franchises should also strive to update their legal structures to remain compliant and avoid run-ins with the law. A franchise attorney can help prospective franchise buyers or investors, and franchisors establish their […]

A Comprehensive Franchising Strategy for International Business

Franchising in the U.S. is a dream for many prospective investors. However, the U.S franchise laws are arguably the most developed globally, meaning you must be compliant with franchising laws before selling franchises in America. Total compliance involves adhering to federal and state franchising statutes, besides the laws where the parent company will be based. […]

When to Consult Lawyers and Good Traits of Competent Lawyers

Facing charges for an offense, whether civil or criminal, can be stressful. This is the time you need legal in the form of advice and representation to resolve the legal situation. Lawyers assist in all manner of legal issues, such as breach of trust, personal injury, trespass on chattels, dispute resolution, murder, arson, and much […]

Start Protecting Your Profession with the Right Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is a type of protection that protects you from losses, such as financial and legal damages, arising from claims related to negligence and/or misconduct in your work. The article touches on types of personal and professional liability insurance, what each covers, how it protects you, and why it’s important for you to […]

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