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How to Transfer Your Father’s Estate into Your Name After His Death?

Transfer of your father’s estate into your name after his death does not take place automatically. You may be the sole legal heir, yet a procedure is followed to get the ownership of the property transferred to your name. It is also necessary to get the fact of change in ownership recorded in municipal records. […]

Everything You Should Know About Dog Bite Cases

A dog bite can be a terrifying and painful experience to go through. Many animal attacks tend to cause severe injuries by nature and might result in injuries such as disfigurement or scarring, psychological injuries for lifelong or long-term, permanent disabilities, etc. Such damages could tragically increase the risks of death; they tend to be […]

Lawyers For Boating Accidents: The Best Attorney Expertise For Boating Accidents!

Picnics and adventure trips are some of the best opportunities that people can grab to spend quality time with their children, friends, and family and also help the children educate more about the different places in the world and how other things can affect the surroundings we thrive positively or negatively. Parents must instill these […]

Categories of Class Action Lawsuits

Class actions allow similarly-affected claimants to litigate against a common defendant in one judicial forum, promoting judicial economy, efficiency, and fairness to the litigants. In other words, class actions are filed on behalf of a group–a class, suffering common injuries, having a common defendant, and having a common claim. A member of the group or […]

What happens if you Crash a Rental Car

Most people use rental cars for various reasons, such as business-related traveling, going for holiday or pleasure, among others. The last thing anyone would want is an auto accident, especially when a rental car is involved. Unfortunately, all motorists are susceptible to car accidents, whether you’re driving your car or a rental vehicle. You might […]

How Often Should I Hear From My Attorney?

If you have been involved in a car accident and have hired a personal injury lawyer Sacramento, you deserve the best possible customer service. As a client, you should feel comfortable calling your attorney and are entitled to know what is the progress of your case. All successful attorneys know that communication is essential for […]

Top 10 Myths and Facts About Canada Express Entry Program

Express Entry is the most popular and relevant option for immigration to Canada. People often have a lot of confusion in their minds. This article aims to break these misconceptions regarding immigration policies and application procedures, including permanent resident visas in Canada.  This information will help people ensure their successful immigration to Canada and its various […]

Unpaid Overtime and Employee Misclassification

The standard working time is 8 hours per day, translating to 40 hours each week, according to American labor law. Overtime work attracts overtime wage– OTW, and employers who subject employees to overtime work without pay set themselves up for wage and hour lawsuits. OT wage is typically 1.5 times the usual pay rate but […]

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