Your Patent Application Was Approved: Now What? First, Get a Patent Plaque

Patent Application Was Approved

Creating a new product is an incredible feat. You’ve overcome so much just to get this far. The average patent application takes 22 months to get approved. And, as you know, the wait can be excruciating. 

Getting a patent is about so much more than protecting your ideas and designs. It also validates your product as original. This critical hurdle is what can enable you to get investors and bring your product to the market in bulk. Now that your application has been approved, here’s how you can start the celebration and what you can do next.  

Get a Patent Plaque Created

It’s hard to know what to do after you get approved. But, first, look at creating a patent plaque. Since you’re in celebration mode, why not show off your accomplishment? Getting your patent etched into a plaque is a great way to share your joy. You can take an image of the patent and have it placed directly on a metal or wooden plaque. There are so many ways to display it. You can even get one made for everyone who worked on creating the product. 

Throw a Party

Give a patent plaque out at a big celebration. You can invite your team, family, friends, and anyone else who might be interested in joining in the fun. It takes hard work to create a product, let alone go through getting a patent approved. Take the opportunity to thank all the people involved and tell them what to expect next. This is also a great way to drum up some positive PR in your industry and the community. 

Organize Focus Groups

Want to get more feedback about your invention? Invite people who would likely use it to come and see your design in action. Now that it’s patented, you have more protection than when it was still just your idea. This is a great way to get more insight into how real people would use the product, what they say about it, and how you can later market it. These focus groups are invaluable for your business success and the success of the product long-term. 

Create a Presentation

You already know what the product does. But, it’s essential to create a dynamic presentation. Incorporate video, photos, and feedback from real people into the demonstration so you can share this with family, friends, and potential investors. 

Connect With Potential Investors

Thanks to shows like Shark Tank, people have a better idea of what to expect when they meet with big investors. However, until your business gets large, you may need to consider smaller contributions to get your product off the ground. Using crowdfunding, family, and friends, you can quickly get some traction to get your product to the market.

Final Thoughts on Patent Approval

Celebrating your patent approval is a critical milestone. Getting a patent plaque helps bring your achievements to life. Once you take the time to observe this breakthrough, you need to connect with end-users and investors to take the following steps of turning your product into a business

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