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The healthcare industry is one of the most important industries in the world. Healthcare management systems are essential for hospitals and clinics as they help them ‌manage their day-to-day operations and provide better care to their patients. In this article, we pour a crystal-clear light on all the benefits you can get from a top-rated Davita Falcon EHR Software. Charmhealth EHR is an all-in-one platform that can make your and your patient’s life easier ‌let’s discuss it below.

Why Do You Need Charmhealth EHR Software for Your Medical Practice?

The sublime Charmhealth EHR is an MU-certified cloud-based EHR and practices management and Medical Billing solution that assists healthcare institutions ranging from large multi-specialty hospitals to smaller independent medical offices and operates effectively.

Pramila Srinivasan established the company in 2007. Later many other certified doctors collaborated and committed to expanding access to integrative healthcare for all and playing a role in transforming the healthcare landscape to address root causes of illness, prevent disease, and optimize wellness. Their goal is to present state-of-the-art tools and visualization to help generate hypotheses and support research, simultaneously supporting the clinical needs of physicians and patients who need multi-modal treatment tracking, monitoring, and interaction with caregivers.

Its UI uses simple and easily recognizable icons that improve the workflow. Its key features include integrated forms for patient intake and natural language processing, multi-specialty templates, e-Rx for prescription drugs, referral module, inventory management, telehealth, document management, and more- all paired with supporting clinical decision-making and analytical tools.

The marketplace ecosystem of CharmHealth provides a wide range of mobile applications and add-ons that have a wide and expanding variety of integration partners with readily accessible CharmHealth APIs such as FHIR APIs to satisfy the ever-growing demands of your clients. CharmHealth includes a free Patient portal that lets patients safely message the practice and view a summary of their visits and handouts, treatment plans, Rx refills, pay bills or sign forms, book appointments, etc. Personalized phone, email, and text Reminders can help practices provide timely and high-quality patient care. Experienced Support experts provide support through chat, email, or telephone.

Charmhealth Precise Reviews:

In a recent survey, we found ‌patients are more satisfied with the care they receive when their health records are stored in the cloud. The electronic health record (EHR) system can help them reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and instead focus on patient care. It is modern-looking software with a user-friendly interface, and it has a clean dashboard that is very easy to navigate. Overall, reviews are positive.

Some of the highlighted key features of Charmhealth EHR:

MU 2015 Certified:

Certified for MIPS Stage 3 with around 30 CQM Measures that cover a range of specialties, the MIPS 2019 final rule demands the use of the 2015 Edition Certified EHR from January 2019.

SOAP Templates:

it is easy to record patient visits quickly and easily using SOAP templates that are custom designed to meet your specific needs.

Efficient e-Prescribing:

Connect to over 70000 pharmacies for electronic prescriptions and easily accept refill requests from patients or pharmacies.

Lab Integration:

Ready to Use Lab interfaces for LabCorp, Quest, and many other popular labs. They can connect other labs you would like to communicate with the standard HL7 interface.

Clinical Decision Support:

Make use of customizable decision trees within template templates that drill into specific details regarding the annotations on the chart when treating complex medical conditions.


Flowsheet gives you access to the patient’s improvement by allowing you to monitor the results of lab tests and health checks across multiple visits from one ‌location.

Referral Management:

Improve the flow of Outbound and Inbound Patient Referrals across the continuum of care through the easy transfer of information.

Immunization Registry:

Send your practice Vaccine and Immunization information to your state’s immunization registry.

You can also check out top EHR systems and get an understanding of what EHR best fits your medical practices.

Are there any additional products that Charmhealth offers?

Medical billing management:

Because of the advanced dashboard, users can see the status of claims, collections, receivables, and denials and their average time to process in a single glance. Following medical consultations, the EHR software automatically generates invoices and lets patients pay with debit and credit cards using this patient’s portal. The EHR system comes with analytical tools that can help assess overall financial health.


According to the Charm EHR reviews, telehealth is among the most popular features. Going to physicians for medical advice was challenging, as Covid-19 caused hospitals’ lockdown and social isolation. The remarkable telehealth capabilities of CharmHealth EHR allow practitioners and patients to share advice at the convenience of their own homes.

Mobile app access:

Charmhealth EHR users can make use of mobile apps to monitor the operations. For instance, the Scheduler App lets you set appointments for your patients, and the Charm RCM app enables users to manage and monitor medical insurance collections and claims.

Charm EHR Pricing:

For a single office with up to fifty consultations per year, CharmHealth offers a free trial. Basic EHR software and documentation storage, medical billing, and customer support are included.

With unlimited practice options and users, CharmHealth’s pay plans allow for greater flexibility. Credit card billing and unlimited access to the patient portal E-prescriptions and billing profiles are available within the pay plans.

Conclusion on the matter of Charmhealth:

Doctors are often faced with paperwork, which takes up a lot of their time.

Charmhealth EHR is a comprehensive EHR system that allows users to use its many features to save time, money, and effort. Compared to other EHR systems, Charmhealth is an excellent choice to consider, but in the end, you can choose according to your needs

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