Chess Art for Kids: Kindergarten to Grandmaster – the game that works wonders

What do you think when you hear the word “chess”? Fans of this amazing game probably immediately think of grandmasters Garry Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen, Veselin Topalov and more, and more… Yes, their example is amazing, but the truth is that even the longest road begins with the first step.

The first chess, maybe even the most ordinary, wooden or tourist – plastic with magnets, which little hands rush to touch, to feel, to look at the interesting pieces. On the surface they are modest, but as soon as they start “dancing” on the chessboard, following their special algorithm, they acquire unprecedented power.

Chess is recognized as the leader of the games that develop maximum useful skills. It is a game that develops the mind, which is why it is so important to provoke children’s interest in it. If you want your child to grow smart and develop their memory imperceptibly, with ease, be sure to give them this exciting experience.

Today, it’s even easier than ever because technology has advanced to the point that all the wisdom and strategy of the popular game fits into just a single chip. Like, for example, in the wonderful game Chess Art for Kids: Kindergarten to Grandmaster, which every little one can carry with them and have fun wherever and whenever they want.

It’s a free interactive offline chess game with different levels and play styles. It can bring a lot of joy not only to the little ones but also to any chess fan, no matter his age or gender.

The game is designed for two, and your partner can be a real player or the open-source chess engine Bagatur. This gives you the possibility to play chess both with friends /on the same device/ and with the computer program Bagatur. In practice, this opens up unlimited possibilities for its use.

While you’re waiting in a long queue, forced to endure an endless commute, or simply bored and wondering how to make good use of your free time, Chess Art for Kids: Kindergarten to Grandmaster is at your disposal.

There’s no need to carry a chess box with you, arrange the pieces and be careful about storing them safely – everything you need is packed into a user-friendly device that easily fits anywhere and takes up almost no space.

Supports a variety of colors and shapes to suit every taste. Have colorful fun and exercise your brain wherever you are! Organize home tournaments, win, advance your mastery and be proud of yourself!

You’ll notice how your memory has improved, how much clearer and more strategic you’ve started to think, how well you concentrate, analyze and generally improve your IQ significantly. Yes, this is the magic of chess – it can completely transform you and turn you into the person you have always dreamed of being! Give the gift of Chess Art for Kids: Kindergarten to Grandmaster to those you love and give them a chance to be smarter, more foresighted, more focused and so much more “more”. They deserve it.

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